How to Complete Contractual Obligations Mission In MW2 DMZ

How to Complete Contractual Obligations Mission In MW2 DMZ
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11th Jan 2023 14:52

The MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations mission is one of the later ones that you will obtain, and is also one of the hardest to complete in the game mode. Where other missions in MW2 DMZ require you to find a specific item or kill a certain enemy, this task has you doing quite the checklist and all in a single raid too.

So, to find out how to complete the MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations mission, make sure to carry on reading down below.

MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations Mission Overview

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The MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations mission is a tier five task from the Legion faction that requires you to complete eight unique contracts in a single deployment. As there are only nine contract types in the game mode right now and you only have a certain amount of time in each raid, this can be quite the herculean ordeal.

The rewards do make this mission worth completing though, as you will not only be treated to 20,000 XP but also the Control Tower key. This key is not only a great source of high-tier loot, but it is also required for the final Black Mous faction mission, so it makes this mission well worth the effort.

How to Complete the MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations Mission

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As mentioned, you must complete at least eight of the nine different contract types in order to finish the MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations mission. You can do this by finding the green phone icons on your map and heading to their location.

Here's a list of every contract type in MW2 DMZ:

  • Deliver Cargo
  • Destroy Supplies
  • Eliminate HVT
  • Hunt Squad
  • Raid Weapon Stash
  • Rescue Hostage
  • Secure Intel
  • Secure Nuclear Material
  • Ship Cargo

You are unable to repeat contract types when doing this challenge, and they must be all done within the one raid so you better be fast.

When first loading into Al-Mazrah, the first thing you're going to want to do is locate the contracts that are the rarest. This is most commonly the 'Raid Weapon Stash' type, but having a quick scan over the map will let you know if any others are in short supply.

Next, you'll want to check which contract types are in closest proximity to your spawn location, as you won't want to be trekking across the entire map to get that last one, risking both death and the time running out. It is a good idea to have a rough selection of what you want to complete in your head and an optimised contract order, as that can save any wasted time trying to figure it out in-raid.

As always when doing tricky missions, your best means of survival is taking a team in with you that are willing to act as your bodyguards. While the time running out is the thing you're going to be at odds with the most, you do of course need to watch out for any other AI or players that can very easily take you down. It would be heartbreaking to be so close only to fall to an AI or player that one of your teammates could have killed.

Finally, it is probably a good idea to leave the 'Rescue Hostage' contract to last, as it gives you an easy exfil to get out safely. The feeling of relief that you will get when flying away in that helicopter will be more than worth the effort you put in.

So, that should give you all the information you need if you were wondering how to complete the MW2 DMZ Contractual Obligations mission. If you're looking for the MW2 DMZ Zaya Radar Dome location though, check out this guide for all the details.

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