How To Get Calling Cards In MW2

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2
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Coleman Hamstead


16th Nov 2022 13:30

MW2 Calling Cards are one of the best ways to customise your in-game Profile and show off your swag. Ever since the original Modern Warfare 2, Calling Cards have been a representation of your accomplishments, fitted into a banner that you can display on your Profile. So, if you want the flashiest Profile for your friends and foes to admire, stick around to discover all the ways you can get Calling Cards in MW2.

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Campaign

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The single-player Campaign features a variety of MW2 Campaign rewards that unlock naturally as you play through the story. In total, there are four Calling Cards available via the Campaign.

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Special Ops

Achieving various feats in MW2's cooperative Spec Ops mode will unlock rewards, including Calling Cards. There are two MW2 Calling Cards associated with Spec Ops.

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Twitch Drops

On occasion, Activision will partner with Twitch to release limited-time MW2 Twitch Drops. If you link your Activision account with your Twitch account, you can earn in-game rewards, like Calling Cards, for simply watching streamers that have drops enabled.

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Promotions

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Participating in promotional collaborations between Call of Duty and assorted outside brands is a great way to add to your MW2 Calling Card collection. For example, the MW2 Mountain Dew rewards, the MW2 Papa Johns rewards, and the MW2 Little Caesars rewards all include Calling Cards.

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Weapon Mastery

Grinding out Camos, specifically, the Mastery Camos, will net you Weapon Mastery Emblems and Calling Cards as bonus rewards. There is a Calling Card and Emblem for every weapon in all four different Mastery Camos. Complete Weapon Mastery Challenges to unlock Weapon Mastery Calling Cards. These are the MW2 best Camos, so the Calling Cards are just a bonus!

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Multiplayer Challenges

When the Combat Record arrives in Season 01, MW2 players can unlock Calling Cards by completing specific Multiplayer Challenges. Just like the good ol' days!

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Store

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While not offered yet, the in-game Store will feature an abundance of Calling Cards available to purchase with COD Points. Most of these will likely be add-ons inside Bundles, but some might be available for individual purchase!

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: Battle Pass

Starting with Modern Warfare 2 Season 01, players can earn Calling Cards by advancing through the free and premium Battle Pass tracks.

How To Get Calling Cards In MW2: How To Equip Calling Cards

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Now that your MW2 Calling Card collection is overflowing, all that's left is to equip your favourite to your Profile. To do this, open the menu and navigate to the far-right tab that displays your Rank. Here, you'll see an option to edit your Calling Card. And if you feel like flaunting more of your supply, you can exhibit up to three MW2 Calling Cards in your Showcase.

As you can see, there are several ways to get Calling Cards in MW2. There are hundreds of Calling Cards available in MW2, so you better start stockpiling!

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