MW2 Twitch Drops: How To Get

MW2 Twitch Drops: How To Get
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3rd Nov 2022 16:46

There are a few Twitch drops that you can earn for Modern Warfare 2 in its launch week. The first week of a Call of Duty release is always exciting, and MW2 is no different. With everyone jumping on at the same time to get used to the new maps and grind out the new weapons, there's a certain buzz about the community. Twitch is adding to that buzz by offering several Modern Warfare 2 Twitch drops throughout the first week of the game's launch. Here's how you can earn all the Modern Warfare 2 Twitch drops.

How To Get MW2 Twitch Drops

To earn Twitch drops for Modern Warfare 2, you'll first need to link up your Twitch and Call of Duty accounts. Click the following link and sign into your Call of Duty account - you will then be taken to the Twitch website where you can pair the two accounts. Then, head to Twitch and look for a Modern Warfare 2 streamer that has drops enabled. The telltale sign is that they will have 'DROPS ON' or something similar in their stream title.

It should be noted that MW2 Twitch drops are only available between October 28th and November 6th. You'll need to act fast if you want to unlock everything in the Twitch drop bundle!

MW2 Twitch Drops: What Do You Get?

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There are four tiers of rewards that you can earn in Modern Warfare 2 from Twitch drops. Here they all are, listed:

  1. 15 minutes watched: 141 Weapon Charm
  2. 30 minutes watched: Death’s Angel Calling Card and Emblem
  3. 45 minutes watched: Something In My Teeth Weapon Sticker
  4. 60 minutes watched: Watchdog 141 Weapon Blueprint

Once you have watched a stream with drops enabled for the allotted amount of time, the rewards should automatically be awarded to your Call of Duty account.

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