MW2 Best Camo

MW2 Best Camo
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31st Oct 2022 09:38

The MW2 best Camo is subjective, but that doesn't mean there aren't a select few that clearly stand out amongst the crowd. Weapon Camos are cosmetic patterns that envelop your Call of Duty weapons, and there are 180+ of them available in Modern Warfare 2. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it would be difficult for anyone to contest that the MW2 Mastery Camos lead the charge when it comes to the MW2 best Camos. If you want a Camo that looks good, displays prestige, and will inspire envy in your friends and foes, look no further than the Camos listed below!

MW2 Best Camo: Gold

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The Classic MW2 Gold Camo is undoubtedly one of the best Camos in Modern Warfare 2. To unlock the Gold Camo for a specific weapon, you must complete all of that particular weapon's Base Camo Challenges. Then, you will receive access to the Gold Camo Challenge.

Keep in mind that every weapon in MW2 has its own Gold Camo Challenge — this camouflage is not universal.

MW2 Best Camo: Platinum

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The sleek, metallic MW2 Platinum Camo is high on the list of best Camos in MW2. Platinum Camo is a step above Gold Camo, at least in how difficult it is to acquire. To unlock Platinum Camo in MW2, you must complete all Camo Challenges, including Gold Camo Challenges, in a specific weapon category.

For example, to unlock Platinum Camo for Snipers, you'll have to first get Gold Camo on all of the Sniper Rifles. And to complete the process, each weapon has a Platinum Camo Challenge that you'll have to knock out too.


MW2 Best Camo: Polyatomic

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Fans of the Dark Matter Camo from Black Ops III and Black Ops 4 will absolutely love the MW2 Polyatomic Camo. The stunning and regal Polyatomic Camo is the runner-up for best Camo in MW2.

What makes the Polyatomic Camo so sought after, besides its impressive looks, is the sheer difficulty in unlocking it. You thought the Gold and Platinum Camos were a grind? Well, to unlock the Polyatomic Camo in MW2, you must complete 51 Platinum Camo Challenges. In other words, you'll have to unlock the Gold and Platinum Camos on every weapon available at launch, at least until new weapons arrive in later seasons.

After all that, complete the Polyatomic Camo Challenge with your favourite weapons to officially take claim of the Polyatomic Camo.

MW2 Best Camo: Orion

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Of the 180+ Camos in Modern Warfare 2, Orion takes the cake as the undisputed best Camo. Orion gets its name from the iconic Orion constellation, and with that, the Orion Camo displays an animated pattern of the galaxy.

Part of why the MW2 Orion Camo is the best Camo in MW2 is because it's also the rarest Camo. Very few players will ever put in the work required to unlock this Camo.

To be one of the limited number of players with the Orion Camo, you must complete 51 Polyatomic Camo Challenges. Doing this will automatically unlock the Orion Camo on all weapons that possess the Polyatomic Camo.

There are sure to be a few niche Camos that catch your eye, but when it comes to the best of the best, it would be hard for any to supplant the ones on this list of MW2 best Camos.

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