Midnight Suns Friendship Explained

Midnight Suns Friendship Explained
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1st Dec 2022 16:19

Your Midnight Suns friendships are very important parts of the game, as between missions, you can spend time with your fellow heroes back at the Abbey and earn rewards for making them like you. Midnight Suns sees you play as the Hunter, an ancient hero that has been revived to help fight Lilith, the mother of demons. Joining you is a large cast of iconic Marvel heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America, Blade, and more. You'll want to make the most of your time with these heroes and develop your relationship, so check out our explainer of the Midnight Suns friendship system.

Check out the solutions to the Midnight Sun challenges below, which you can access after gaining five friendship levels with a character:

Midnight Suns Friendship Explained

Midnight Suns Friendship Explained
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While a large portion of Midnight Suns involves tactical, turn-based battles, you will spend a lot of your playthrough back in the hub called the Abbey. You can explore this region performing quests and finding secrets, purchase upgrades to make your team stronger in battle, and talk to the various superheroes that have been recruited to your cause. 

Each hero in the game has their own friendship level which can be influenced by you in multiple different ways, and as you improve your friendship with someone, they gain useful bonuses. There are six friendship levels, ranging from 0 to 5, and then further prestige levels after hitting the max. Aside from level 0, hitting a new friendship level with a hero will give them a bonus. These are:

  • Friendship Level 1 - Unlocks hang out options
  • Friendship Level 2 - Unlocks hero passive
  • Friendship Level 3
  • Friendship Level 4 - Upgrades hero passive
  • Friendship Level 5 - Unlocks their Midnight Sun challenge
  • Friendship Prestige - Further gameplay and cosmetic rewards

These passive abilities can be extremely powerful, and it's worthwhile getting friendship level 2 with all the heroes so you can unlock their passives. It's also worth levelling up heroes that you use more in battle to the max rank to make the most of their passive. 

Midnight Suns Friendship Explained 2
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There are many ways of increasing your friendship with a character, and over the course of the game you should find a rhythm as you do things to get friendship points with the characters you like. Here are all the ways to increase friendship:

  • Take them into battle
  • Select them in daily sparring
  • Select dialogue options they agree with or like
  • Give gifts
  • Join hangouts in the evening
  • Join club meetings in the evening
  • Invite to a haven during the day
  • Complete help quests
  • Compliment them

Joining hangouts with heroes and inviting them to havens are the two best ways of increasing friendships levels, as you can earn lots of points from these activities. On top of the points you earn for doing the activity, you can gain extra points from dialogue options and giving them a gift. If you play your cards right during these, you can often get enough friendship points to clear a whole level in one. 

It's also worth noting that increasing your friendship with multiple characters will increase the overall team friendship level. This also provides some small bonuses, such as improving the effects of compliments and letting you compliment more characters each day. 

That's all for our primer on the Midnight Suns friendship system, and now you know what levelling up friendships provides, along with what methods you can use to do it.

We also have an explainer for how to get Arcane Keys in Midnight Suns, so you can open Arcane Chests and earn cosmetic rewards, combat items, and resources. 

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