Lost Ark Thunderwings: Location, Boss Battle Guide

Lost Ark Thunderwings: Location, Boss Battle Guide
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6th Oct 2022 16:39

The Lost Ark Thunderwings world boss is one of the hardest in the entire game, requiring players to be 1400 item level during the end-game. Lost Ark's world bosses are a constant throughout the experience, as you can fight them from the main story and well into the end-game. Each one is unique and offers up special rewards once they are beaten, so check out how to find and kill Lost Ark Thunderwings. 

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Lost Ark Thunderwings: Location

Lost Ark Thunderwings Location
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To locate Thunderwings, you will need to make your way to the continent of South Vern which is located in the centre of the world map. Following the main story throughout the game will take you here eventually, and this will also ensure you are at the correct level for the area. 

Thunderwings is in the area of Candria, and can be found toward the very west of the region in a large open area. This is directly west of an NPC where you can start a quest called Falling Black Leaves. We've noted the exact location on the map above. 

How To Beat Thunderwings In Lost Ark (Boss Battle Guide)

How To Fight Thunderwings In Lost Ark
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Before taking on Thunderwings, you will need to make sure you are at the correct item level. It's recommended you take part in this fight once you hit item level 1460, which is in the third tier of the end-game content. It's possible to do this fight at a lower level, but it makes it much easier for Thunderwings to one-hit you. 

The boss will spawn up every hour in the exact same location, but you can check your Procyon's Compass below the minimap to see a timer. If there aren't enough players waiting nearby for Thunderwings to spawn, you can change the channel you are in to find more players.


Once the fight begins, a small circle will appear around the area on the minimap. Keeping Thunderwings inside of this is vital as it can reset otherwise and lead to a wasted fight. It will also throw out a lot of attacks that summon deadly orbs and tornadoes for you to dodge, but if you are at the recommended item level or higher, these won't instantly down you. 

After killing Thunderwings, you will gain your first kill bonus, netting you some epic gear from a dropped chest, along with various honing materials, currencies, and resources. Apart from the chest, you can earn these rewards every time you kill Thunderwings, but this is capped at once a day like every Lost Ark world boss

That's all for our primer on how to find Thunderwings in Lost Ark, and now you should be able to kill it for the special rewards. 

We also have a primer on the Lost Ark Gate of Harmony event, which allows you to get lots of resources in the end-game. 

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