10 best Champions in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

10 best Champions in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble
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Dani Cross


7th Nov 2023 18:00

TFT Remix Rumble, or Set 10, is shaping up to be a fan-favourite already. We've compiled a list of the 10 best cChampions in Set 10 to hopefully give players a good idea of which units are the most fun to play and the strongest to use on their board.

Of course, it's pretty early on in the set to know for sure which units are the best. This is simply a list of ten characters that stood out to me the most during the time I spent playing Remix Rumble.

So let's dive right into the list and find out which champions are the best in the newest set!

How we picked the best champions in TFT Remix Rumble

These champions aren't necessarily the very best when it comes to the eventual meta units for TFT Remix Rumble. Instead I've selected champions that have interesting designs, powerful effects or provide flexible utility for your team.

The meta is bound to change very quickly whenever a new set is released, as that's when a lot of the balance is the most uncertain. Once the set is in players' control things could change, but as of now, we expect these units to be some of the most popular or strongest in the set.

The 10 best champions in TFT Remix Rumble


Jhin from TFT Remix Rumble
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Jhin is my favourite unit in this set, and a large part of that is just how impressive his ability looks and sounds.

Jhin is a 5-cost Maestro who summons turrets to your bench. These turrets fire in unison, a harmony of bullets tearing apart whatever opposes them. There’s nothing more satisfying in the set than having a full set of nine turrets all firing away.

This legendary unit is also extremely powerful because mana items synergise very well with him. With Blue Buff, he can set up turrets much easier, and the quicker you get a full bench of them, the sooner you can end an entire board.


Sona from TFT Remix Rumble
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Sona is a Mixmaster unit, a unique trait that only belongs to her. She’s also a 5-cost, so she’s tough to find. If you do find her you get a choice of three different abilities, making her a perfect flex unit to add to your team whenever you need certain things on your board.

One of her abilities gives your team attack speed, while another leans into ability damage. She can also heal and shield allies, which is generally a useful one to pick if those other two don’t fit your needs. Overall she’s a great unit to slot into your team, and always demands some decision-making whenever she shows up in the shop.


Caitlyn from TFT Remix Rumble
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Caitlyn is pretty similar to the attack damage/rageblade carries we’ve seen in every set, but her ability and traits make her stand out a lot more.

As an 8-bit unit, she gains stacking AD every time you beat your damage “high-score”. The earlier you get 8-bit units in the better, as you’ll be gaining more damage throughout the whole game. Then when you find Caitlyn she can immediately reap the rewards.

Caitlyn’s ability is particularly hype. She fires a series of shots at distant enemies that deal huge damage. I had numerous rounds where my Caitlyn was on the verge of dying but managed to get her ability off, turning the tide in four swift shots.


Bard from TFT Remix Rumble
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Bard is a 2-cost Jazz/Dazzler unit with a pretty unique playstyle. He has some pretty amusing traits, but it’s his ability to generate gold for your team that makes him stand out.

When he casts he plays a tune of four random notes, with each one having the chance to either deal magic damage, heal an ally or drop gold. The gold chance is pretty low from my experience, but he’s one of the only units in TFT history that can just give you extra gold without the need for any traits or items. It’ll be interesting to see how strong this unit ends up being.


Akali from TFT Remix Rumble
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Akali is a unique case in Set 10, as she actually changes depending on whether you have more K/DA or True Damage units.

If you have more K/DA units than True Damage ones, Akali becomes an assassin who deals damage to the furthest unmarked enemy and marks them. She then dashes to every marked enemy to deal even more damage, making her one of a small number of units this set with backline access.

If you have more True Damage, Akali whips out her kunai to deal damage to the three closest enemies. For each enemy that survives she refunds mana, allowing her to keep cutting through the enemy team.


Karthus from TFT Remix Rumble
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The iconic lead singer of Pentakill returns in TFT for the first time since Set 1. That’s right, he’s been absent for every single set since TFT debuted back during the auto-chess boom of 2019.

Karthus has huge impact thanks to his ability, which is essentially just his ultimate from League of Legends. It hits almost all units on the board when he casts and deals big damage, and he can even restore mana when you claim kills with it. It can be pretty brutal to deal with on the opponent’s side if you’re relying on glass cannons to deal all your damage.


Yasuo from TFT Remix Rumble
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Yasuo is an interesting one, as I didn’t find much success with him in the preview but I can see a world in which he’s one of the strongest 1-costs ever printed.

Yasuo has a stacking mechanic where he gains AD when he gets kills with his ability. If you get Yasuo early on, you can start stacking right from the beginning of the game and grow to insane levels of power. It’s similar to Cho’Gath from Set 9, who could stack health much the same way.

However, Yasuo’s much flimsier than Cho’Gath and harder to get online. With the right augments and items he can become a beast, but I reckon players might struggle to make him work at first.


Illaoi from TFT Remix Rumble
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Illaoi as a legendary unit was actually teased many sets ago, but for some reason she was never added. That all changes in Set 10, where she makes her 5-cost debut with her own unique trait “Illbeats”.

You’ll gain tentacles that you can place anywhere on your board when you use her on your team. These tentacles slam down onto enemies in quick succession, dealing hefty damage. Illaoi herself can tank tons of enemy aggression and provide the ideal frontline, especially when combined with more bruiser units.


Poppy from TFT Remix Rumble
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Poppy is an Emo/Mosher unit, a combination that definitely fits her absolutely ridiculous ability. She slams her huge hammer down three times, but if she gets a kill she keeps slamming, potentially crushing a whole board in one swift killstreak.

She’s one of the funniest units to watch when she gets going, but it can be hard to get started. Often my Poppy would slam her hammer into the wrong enemy or fall just shy of getting a kill to start her extra slams. When you can find the right kills though, she’s easily one of the most fun 4-cost units.


Olaf from TFT Remix Rumble
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I couldn’t end this list without mentioning the one unit that consistently carried me in the Set 10 preview. Olaf is an absolute monster if you can level him up early and get some solid augments. With a Rageblade, Titan’s Resolve and Bloodthirster my Olaf was slapping entire boards to death pretty much on his own.

He’s not infallible, and some strong crowd control can stop him in his tracks sometimes. But when you’ve got a strong board behind him and augments that make him even stronger he can take over a game. I took “Encore”, which revives your headliner to full health when they die, and that was often enough to swing a fight in my favour.

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