All 50 Like a Dragon Gaiden Coin Locker Key locations

All 50 Like a Dragon Gaiden Coin Locker Key locations
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15th Nov 2023 12:13

There are 50 Coin Locker Keys dotted all over Like a Dragon Gaiden, and we have the locations to help you find them. Like a Dragon Gaiden allows Kiryu to appropriate other people's forgotten property, like health items and clothing, left in lockers by folks who have lost their keys.

There are 30 keys to find in Sotenbori, and 20 to find in the Castle. For all of the Coin Locker Key locations in the game, check out the maps and info below.

All Sotenbori Locker Key locations

The map of Sotenbori, with all Coin Locker Key locations marked
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  • A1 - On planter outside Le Miel patisserie, near Akame's office
  • A2 - Back of Poppo (Sotenbori St.)
  • A3 - Left side of blue vending machine beneath a billboard
  • A5 - Planter outside Club Sunshine
  • B1 - Inside bathroom in Ashitaba Park
  • B2 - Under white car in parking garage beside Pocket Circuit arena
  • B3 - Inside Club SEGA on Sotenbori St., beside clerk's desk
  • B4 - On the bell on the southwest side of Iwao Bridge
  • C1 - Behind the last turtle column of the Shofukou Turtle Hotel
  • D1 - Behind planter in front of Cabaret Grand
  • D2 - On the floor inside Infomen
  • D3 - Above Sesil Coffee sign
  • E1 - To the left of the Coin Lockers, behind a scooter
  • E2 - In an umbrella stand the lower passage through the building
  • E3 - Attached to the cat in a boat above and to the left of Infomen
  • F1 - Inside Daidoji Hideout building, directly ahead as you enter (not down the stairs)
  • F2 - Inside Stijl Bar, under first table on the right
  • F4 - In a tiny gap between Moon River bar and a small shop, north side of S Shofukucho
  • G1 - Top of the stairs to Club Four Shine
  • G2 - On a large fake fish above the middle of Sotenbori St.
  • H1 - At the top of the stairs between Wild Jackson and the Coin Lockers
  • H2 - Inside Riichi Tower Mahjong, under table in reception area
  • H3 - On top of awning across from street food vendor
  • H5 - On the roof of the building, behind the blue table
  • I1 - Inside Pocket Circuit Arena, go around the corner to the right, beside the sink
  • I2 - On furthest right tentacle of octopus
  • I3 - On the vent of a building east of the car park
  • I4 - On a tree beside construction site
  • J1 - Inside Kiss Shot billiards club, on the shelf in the back right corner
  • J2 - On the lanterns on the west side of Bishamon Bridge

All Castle Locker Key locations

The map of the Castle, with all Coin Locker Key locations marked
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  • A4 - On the railing to your right as you exit the helicopter
  • B5 - On the left pillar of the wall in front of the door to the Gambling Hall
  • C2 - Go around arena to the left, grab the key from the tray held by bunny waitress
  • C3 - On chair on the right as you enter Castle Cabaret Club
  • C4 - On the railing above the entrance on the top floor of the Gambling Hall
  • C5 - On sign beside red carriage
  • D4 - On top of the billboard above the pool in the Fighter's Lounge
  • D5 - On a shipping container to the right of the stairs to the Twin Ogre Gate
  • E4 - On your left as you enter Castle Central Street
  • E5 - Behind screen in the southwest corner of the Gambling Hall
  • F3 - Northwest corner of the ground floor of the Gambling Hall, on a piece of art
  • F5 - Go up the left stairs in the Casino, in the righthand corner as you reach the top
  • G3 - Northeast corner of the swimming pool in the VIP Lounge
  • G4 - In planter outside of Castle Boutique
  • G5 - In the back room of Castle Boutique
  • H4 - On the clown's nose
  • I5 - On cabinet directly to your left as you come up the stairs to the Fighter's Lounge
  • J3 - On your left as you enter Castle Boutique
  • J4 - On the speakers at the far end of the VIP Lounge
  • J5 - Take the elevator down to Coliseum Lobby, in the corner behind the tables and chairs

That is it for the Like a Dragon Gaiden Coin Locker Key locations. For more on the game, head to our Like a Dragon homepage where we have guides on fighting styles and how to increase your Akame network level fast.

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