How to lock on & block in Like a Dragon Gaiden

How to lock on & block in Like a Dragon Gaiden
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13th Nov 2023 13:31

Like a Dragon Gaiden is a bit old school, playing like the older games in the franchise, so you may be wondering how to lock on or block in this newer entry.

How to lock on may not be very clear at first, especially to anyone who is new to the game. To help you out, we've covered exactly how to lock on and block in Like a Dragon Gaiden below.

How to lock on & how to block

The Like a Dragon Gaiden control menu, with the lock on button highlighted
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Put simply, you can lock on to enemies by pressing R1/RB, and then you can block by pressing L1/LB. You can block without locking on, but blocking is directional and only works on attacks coming from in front of Kiryu. As such, you generally need to lock on when blocking to effectively prevent damage from incoming attacks.

You could be forgiven if you were unsure how to lock on, as the controls list R1/RB as "Take Stance", and also the lock-on system is not the most obvious. There are no indicators to show you are locked on or who you are locked on to, other than Kiryu's stance. The lock-on always connects to the closest enemy, so you might need to manoeuvre a bit to lock on to a specific enemy.

As such, locking on is more effective in one-on-one fights like bosses than when taking on large groups of enemies. In those cases, it is often best to swing wildly and forget about locking on altogether.

That is it for our guide on how to lock on and block in Like a Dragon Gaiden. For more, head to our Like a Dragon homepage for guides on how to change outfits and how to increase Akame network level.

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