How to increase bonds in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

How to increase bonds in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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26th Jan 2024 00:00

If you are looking to increase your bonds with your party members in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, here is what you need to do. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth puts a strong emphasis on the bonds between Kasuga and the characters in your party, each granting new abilities and bonuses as they level up.

If you want to rank up bonds quickly and get the most out of them as you can, here are the steps you need to follow in the game to increase bonds in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How do bonds work in Infinite Wealth?

Kiryu on the Bonds menu in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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Character bonds were a core part of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and the system has been expanded upon in Infinite Wealth. There are now two metrics by which bonds are measured, Drink Links and Bond Level.

Drink Links is more or less the same system as the previous game, it goes from one to five, and moving between each level requires you to spend some time drinking with the teammate in question. Doing so will unlock new combat abilities for your teammates that they can regardless of the job they have equipped.

The first level will unlock the character's tag team move, further levels will increase the likelihood of the character performing a follow-up attack. At level three, the party member gains the ability to perform combo attacks with a nearby teammate, which can be extra deadly.

To raise your Drink Links level, you must increase your overall Bond Level with the character. Bond Level goes from level 1 to 100, and unlocks inheritance slots along the way, allowing the character to use moves from different jobs than their current one.

The five levels of your Drinks Links level are equivalent to the first 50 overall levels, so if you have a Bond Level of 25 with Tomizawa, you have unlocked Drinks Link level two, and are halfway to level three.

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How to improve bonds with your party members

Nanba's Bonds Bingo screen in LaD Infinite Wealth
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Just about everything you do with characters in your party will increase your Bond Level with them. You gain experience towards your bonds in each fight, when participating in activities, and whenever you go for a meal at a restaurant. You can gain increased bond experience in restaurants by using one of the combo meal effects with a speech bubble beside it.

Beyond the regular activities and going for meals, the Bond Bingo card is a great way to increase your bonds very quickly. Each party member has a Bond Bingo card, with entries like Favourite Snack or Unexpected Trivia. You can fill this card out by seeking out the pink conversation bubbles on the map and triggering the dialogue.

In each conversation, Kasuga learns more about his teammates and fills out a square on the bingo card. Each square completed grants bonus bond experience, and even more can be gotten by completing full lines across the card. These pink conversation icons are shown on your map, so you should have no trouble finding them all if you want to maximise your bonds quickly.

That is it for how to increase bonds in Infinite Wealth. For more, head to our Like a Dragon homepage where we have guides on making money, levelling up, and improving your Personality.

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