How to change jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

How to change jobs in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
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26th Jan 2024 00:00

If you want to know how to change jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, we can help you out. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth carries over the RPG systems from the previous adventure with lots of new combat features added to the game.

This includes the job system which gives your characters several classes to level up and gain new moves if you haven't learned how to yet, here is how to change jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

SPOILER WARNING: The ability to change jobs comes after making some progress in the main story, so be warned that there are mild spoilers for the mid-game below.

How to change jobs

Ichiban changing to the Aquanaut job in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
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To change jobs, you must visit an Alo-Happy Tours booth. If you have not yet gotten the ability to change jobs, you simply need to continue the main story. The precise moment you unlock the ability to change jobs comes in Chapter 5 when the group has some downtime and decides to visit a tour agency.

Once you reach this point in the game, you will be shown how to change jobs by interacting with the small changing booth in the back of the store. After this, you can visit the store to change jobs whenever you want.

This is not the only location in Hawaii, as there is another Alo-Happy beside the Anaconda Shopping Center, and a changing booth at the entrance to the Hawaiian Haunt labyrinth dungeon.

Later when you return to Yokohama, you can change jobs at the Alo-Happy store near the train station, and the booth near Hello Work. If you want to change jobs in Kamurocho, there is a booth in Theater Square.

How to unlock new jobs

The Alo-Happy Tours menu where you can unlock new jobs
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New jobs can be unlocked at Alo-Happy Tours by completing activities. You need to pay a fee, and also meet the Personality requirement for the activity.

By interacting with Elizabeth at Alo-Happy Tours, you can take part in several different activities. Each one shows a cutscene of Kasuga and the gang going surfing, watching shows, and so on, and each one will unlock a new job for the group.

Some activities will show Kasuga having an epiphone, while others will show Chitose. This is because jobs are divided by gender for some reason, so any job that Kasuga unlocks will unlock for all the male party members, and the ones that show Chitose will unlock jobs for female characters.

There are more jobs to unlock, most of which will unlock through story progression. Many of the jobs from Yakuza: Like a Dragon become available once you return to Yokohama in Chapter 8.

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That is it for how to unlock and change jobs in Infinite Wealth. For more, head to our Like a Dragon homepage where we have guides on how to make money, level up quickly, and improve your bonds.

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