How to increase Akame network level fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden

How to increase Akame network level fast in Like a Dragon Gaiden
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9th Nov 2023 13:22

Looking to increase your Akame network level in Like a Dragon Gaiden? Progressing through Like a Dragon Gaiden requires you to meet certain conditions, such as reaching new ranks in the Castle Coliseum.

The Akame network level is a big part of that, meaning you'll need to keep levelling it up throughout the game - so to make sure you don't get stuck and can complete Gaiden before Infinite Wealth launches, here's how to increase it fast.

How to level up Akame network quickly

The quickest way to increase your Akame network rank is by completing requests. When you first unlock the Akame network, your map will be populated with markers, each one a person who wants your help with something. These are small, short jobs that will increase your Akame network level at first, but they do not provide much in the way of progress in later levels.

Instead, you want to start taking some requests as soon as you can. These are Like a Dragon Gaiden's equivalent of the classic sub-stories that the Yakuza/Like a Dragon franchise is known for, filled with interesting and unusual stories and characters.

They also grant significantly more experience and money, making them your go-to for increasing the network level and filling your wallet to buy some new outfits. Something that might confuse and throw long-time fans off is how you start these side missions in Gaiden.

How to start requests/sub-stories in Like a Dragon Gaiden

The Akame network menu, with Kiryu and Akame sitting in her office in the background
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Rather than exploring the open world and meeting people to begin sub-stories as you would in previous games, requests all begin by speaking to Akame at her office. Interact with her, then go to the Request menu.

This will show you the list of available requests, simply select one to begin it. You can start as many requests as you like, so if you want to cut down on travel time you can just start them all at once. Akame will tell you what you need to do and where you need to go, but you can go to your Tasks list to see your active requests and set one as your active task.

If you are at a point in the main story where you need to rank up to progress, such as when you need to reach Akame network level 10 to move to Gold Rank in the Coliseum, this is what you need to do. Complete a couple of requests and your Akame network level will shoot up.

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