Is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth turn-based?

Is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth turn-based?
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Dave McAdam


26th Jan 2024 11:50

Lots of Like a Dragon players have been wondering if Infinite Wealth is turn-based. Afterall, The Like a Dragon series took an unusual turn with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, introducing turn-based RPG gameplay to the long-running brawler franchise.

Since the first turn-based game, RGG Studio has released two more games in the classic brawler style, Lost Judgement and Like a Dragon: Gaiden - so it's easy to be unsure what style of game the new entry will be in. With that said, let's get into whether Infinite Wealth is turn-based like Ichiban's last adventure.

Is Infinite Wealth a turn-based RPG?

Yes, Infinite Wealth is a turn-based RPG with the game carrying over the style and design of Yakuza: Like a Dragon that it's a sequel to.

You play primarily as Ichiban Kasuga, who likes to view fighting in classic RPG terms. That means he sees himself as the hero and fights with a party in turn-based combat.

Ichiban and his party in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth's turn-based combat
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Each of your party members has a job, which is similar to a class, and they can change jobs to learn new abilities. Ichiban and the gang can level up to become stronger, with Ichiban able to level up his personality to become a better leader. He can also develop his bonds with his teammates to become stronger in battle.

Returning players from Yakuza: Like a Dragon will find much of Infinite Wealth familiar, but there are plenty of new combat features that give the game a fresh take on the formula. Overall, it is very much a continuation of that design, so if you enjoy turn-based RPGs or are a fan of Ichiban's first game, Infinite Wealth should be right up your alley.

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That is it for our guide to Infinite Wealth as a turn-based RPG. For more, head to our Like a Dragon homepage where we have guides on how to make money quickly, and how to unlock the Street Surfer segway to get around Hawaii much faster.

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