How to create Playlists in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

How to create Playlists in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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29th Jan 2024 16:18


Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has a lot of new features in the game to make Kasuga's next adventure much more fun, one of which is the addition of playlists. As the series has a strong connection with music - particularly karaoke - this makes it a wonderful addition to make cruising with your team in Hawaii and Yokohama all the more exciting.

So keep reading for all the details on how to unlock, create, and manage playlists in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to unlock playlists in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Playlists can be unlocked in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth by completing the Radio Active Substory in Chapter 1. You will stumble upon a woman called Announcer Unai, who is being harassed by thugs.

infinite wealth playlists mission
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After intervening and defeating the team, you'll have a conversation with her about the ability to listen to her radio broadcasts and songs on your phone. This will eventually unlock the app, and you can then use it to customise playlists.

How to create & use Playlists in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

You can create playlists by using the Playlists app located on your phone, as shown in the below screenshot:

infinite wealth playlists app
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Initially, you'll have a few songs and radio broadcasts already built-in along with the ability to create playlists with them. You can also order the songs or randomise them based on your liking. 

infinite wealth playlists
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How to get more songs & broadcasts

You can get more songs and broadcasts for your playlists by collecting CDs. DLC soundtracks are also available for purchase as well, like the Yakuza CD Collection Set for $4.99. This will give you a lot more options to listen to when you're exploring with your crew around Hawaii and Yokohama. 

infinite wealth playlist selection
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To use the playlists while you're exploring, press the music note icon at the bottom left of the screen beside the map. There you will have the option to play, change, or stop the song (or radio broadcast) you're listening to while exploring.

Now that you know how to create playlists, we also have guides for levelling up and making money fast in the game over on our Like a Dragon homepage.

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