How to complete the Anaconda Escape substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

How to complete the Anaconda Escape substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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2nd Feb 2024 15:50

Looking for some tips for Anaconda Escape in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? This strange game show that Ichiban stumbles into can be breezed through if you know where to go and have levelled up a bit.

Anaconda Escape has some extra steps to complete but they can be missed, so here is how to complete the Anaconda Escape substory without having to restart the game from an earlier save.

How to begin

If you have not started Anaconda Escape yet, you can kick it off during or after Chapter 4. To do so, head to the Anaconda Shopping Centre and up to the second floor. In the large central area, you will find a group of men in brightly-coloured singlets and helmets, standing next to several pink flamingos.

Approach the man in the teal t-shirt near them and a cutscene will trigger, where Ichiban will get roped into taking part in the TV gameshow, Anaconda Escape. You will be given an explanation of the gameshow and then a chance to study the shopping centre before beginning the event.

How to easily complete Anaconda Escape

The objective

Onishi explaining Anaconda Escape to Ichiban in LaD Infinite Wealth
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The objective of Anaconda Escape is very simple, you need to get from one end of the shopping centre to the other without running out of time. Preventing you from doing so is a squad of college athletes patrolling the area. If any of them catch you, you will have to fight them and doing so will cost you time, 20 seconds for a win and 40 for a loss.

To expand the challenge, there are laptops along the way with trivia questions about the shopping centre, and coloured chests that can be unlocked with matching keys and codes. This might be the part that trips you up, as the game doesn't specify how many of these extra challenges there are.

Laptops and chests

Ichiban answering a question in LaD Infinite Wealth Anaconda Escape
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There are two laptops and two chests. Each laptop has a trivia question similar to the Vocational School tests. The first laptop is in a corner directly across from you when you begin. It asks you if Treasure Select Pawn is on the second floor of the shopping centre, and the answer is True. The second laptop is on the far left side of the central area, which asks you what kind of shop Thorstone is, which is a hat shop.

Getting the second question right gives you the code for the red chest, which is 8931. The red chest is on the far side of the central area from the laptop. Then, as you make your way down the corridor to the last area, you will find a blue key under one of the benches in the centre, between the planters. Grab it, then use it to open the blue chest which is on the far right of the final area.

Getting past the guards

Ichiban avoiding guards in Anaconda Escape
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That is all easily said, but you must do all of this in under six minutes while avoiding patrolling college students. The trick to this is understanding that their vision cones work much like the original Metal Gear Solid, they only see you if you are in that area. Provided you don't get too close, you can be right in front of a guard and so long as you are not in that area, you won't be spotted.

All of the athletes are level 12, so we recommend taking this on when you are a good bit higher than that. If you are at least level 20, you should have no issue winning fights in a single hit. It isn't game over if you get into a few fights, but if you take your time you should have little issue avoiding the majority of them.

In summary, the steps are:

  1. Go to the laptop and answer True
  2. Make your way to the large central area
  3. Get to the laptop on the left and answer A hat shop
  4. Go to the red chest on the right and open it with code 8931
  5. Continue towards the exit
  6. Pick up the Blue Key between the second and third planter
  7. Open the blue chest on the right side of the final area
  8. Head down the escalator indicated on your map

Do all of that, and you will complete Anaconda Escape with all objectives completed. Normally, the reward for this is a silver plate and a smoke grenade, but by completing all extra objectives you are rewarded with two silver plates and a safe key.

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That is it for our guide to Anaconda Escape in Infinite Wealth. For more, head to our Like a Dragon homepage where we have guides on increasing bonds, improving personality, and how to craft & upgrade weapons.

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