League Of Legends Mystery Champions: All Mission Answers

League Of Legends Mystery Champions: All Mission Answers
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26th Jan 2023 19:09

The League of Legends Mystery Champion objective is causing some heads to be scratched in the community. League of Legends has a new season kicking off, and one of the first hurdles is making some players stumble.

Mystery Champion is, to be fair, incredibly vague unless you know your Champion quotations. Here is everything you need to know about the League of Legends Mystery Champion mission.

League Of Legends Mystery Champion: What Is This About?

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There has been some considerable chatter about a Mystery Champion in League of Legends. This refers to the objective of a series of daily missions in Season 13.

The season has just started, and it is already causing confusion. The mission is subtitled with a quote from a champion, and it tasks players with either playing as or with a Mystery Champion.

That really is all there is to it, you just need to play one game as (or on the same team as) this Mystery Champion. You can even do it in a bot game to avoid playing with other people. The problem is, the Champion is a mystery. There aren't many clues to guide you, except for the name of the mission.

League Of Legends Mystery Champion: Who They Are
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The Mystery Champion in question are listed below, with each unlocking following the completion of one of the challenges.

  • Mission One - Clue: "I Stand At The Brink Of Infinity" - Xerath
  • Mission Two - Clue: "Yet I Do Not Fear The Darkness" - Yasuo
  • Mission Three - Clue: "What Lies Beyond The Shrouded Path?" - Zed
  • Mission Four - Clue: "Trust Nothing But Your Strength" - Sejuani
  • Mission Five - Clue: "I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further" - Pantheon
  • Mission Six - Clue: "Every mistake is a lesson" - Wukong
  • Mission Seven - Clue: "I will teach them to fear me" - Aatrox
  • Mission Eight - Clue: "I will become what I must be" - Yorick
  • Mission Nine - Clue: "Why? Because I can" - Katarina


That is it for the League of Legends Mystery Champion mission objective.

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