Johnny Guns GTA The Contract: Who Is Johnny Guns And How To Beat Him

Johnny Guns GTA The Contract: Who Is Johnny Guns And How To Beat Him
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18th Mar 2022 17:00

Johnny Guns GTA The Contract is one of the most recent antagonist of the series, who was introduced as part of the story-based DLC late last year. With plenty of players jumping into GTA Online for the first time in a while thanks to the next-gen upgrade, it might be a little confusing as to who Johnny Guns is, and how you go about beating him. Thankfully, we delved into the DLC back on release, so we are here to explain who Johnny Guns GTA The Contract is, and how to beat him. 

Johnny Guns GTA: Who Is Johnny Guns?

Johnny Guns GTA on a computer screen.
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Johnathan Henderson, A.K.A. Johnny Guns GTA, is an old rival of Dr Dre who is still bitter over a royalties dispute from the 90s. Johnny Guns is back in GTA Online The Contract and is trying to steal something important to Dre - his unreleased music. Johnny has stolen Dre's phone and is trying to make a penny of the unfinished demos on it. And that of course, leaves you, along with Franklin and Dre, aiming to take Johnny Gun GTA down. 


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Johnny Guns GTA: How To Beat Johnny Guns

Johnny Guns GTA apprehended for Dr Dre.
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After chasing down some leads, breaking into the FIB building, and shooting a lot of people, it'll be time to take down Johnny Guns GTA. That of course means that you'll need to work your way through the various missions of GTA Online The Contract, before landing on the final missions, titled "Don't F With Dre". It is here that you will track Johnny down, and he will flee the scene. After taking out some of his goons, get in a vehicle and chase him down to the Los Santos International Airport. Once you arrive at the airport, there will be some more hired guns to fight through as Johnny Guns makes a last-ditch effort to escape. Be sure to keep an eye on your health and use plenty of the cover supplied by crates and containers spread around the plane hangar. 

Once you have taken out all of the guards protecting Johnny Guns GTA, you will need to find him inside the hanger. Here, all you need to do is head to the raised structure at the tip of the orange plane in the centre of the hangar. Johnny Guns GTA will be waiting on you so be sure to be ready to take your shot. You are supposed to take Johnny alive, but it doesn't seem to matter where or how much you shoot him. Once you have done enough damage, Johnny Guns will fall to his knees, and you can then take him to Dr Dre. 

This will activate one of the final cutscenes where Dre beats Johnny Guns GTA with a golf club. You will then drive Dre to his helicopter, who will debut new music on the ride over, before finally rewarding you with $1,000,000 for your efforts. 

That's everything you need to know about Johnny Guns GTA. Once you have completed The Contract, why not check out the Easter egg of GTA Online Franklin's kids.


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