How To Pass Laws In Victoria 3

How To Pass Laws In Victoria 3
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24th Oct 2022 17:00

Learning how to pass laws in Victoria 3 is vital to running a stable government, and staying popular with your citizens as you make your way through the Industrial Revolution. Victoria 3 can seem impossibly hard to understand at first, but with some dedication and experimentation, the game's various mechanics should begin to start making sense. However, if you can't quite wrap your head around the politics of governance, check out our breakdown of how to pass laws in Victoria 3.  

How To Pass Laws In Victoria 3

How To Pass Laws In Victoria 3
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Before you can go around passing different laws in Victoria 3, you will need to understand the law system in place. By selecting the 'Politics' icon button on the left of the screen, you can click the 'Laws' tab in the new menu that appears. This screen shows all the current laws that have been enacted in your government, all of which are broken down into law groups that concern one aspect of society. 

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Clicking on one of the law groups will allow you to see the specific laws that can be passed in that group, along with a breakdown of how likely it is for the law to go through, and which interest groups support that law. If you are able to pass one of the laws in a law group, it will have a green button that says 'Enact' and it will list the percentage chance of it being passed. Using the above screenshot as an example, Proportional Taxation is endorsed by a group in government, but no one endorses the Graduated Taxation law meaning it cannot be enacted. 


If you want to pass a law into your government, you will need to meet two criteria to begin the process. A law must be:

  • Endorsed by an interest group in the government.
  • Unlocked on the Technology Tree.

If both of these conditions are met, you can have a go at enacting the law, but this doesn't guarantee that the law is popular or that it will make it through government. Your pop groups will become happy with laws they support being passed, but if you manage to force through an unpopular law, it can create more radicals. 

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While a law is being enacted, four major things can happen to it. If a law is a success it will go straight through; if a law advances it becomes more likely to be passed during the next attempt to enact it, if a law is debated it can hit a complication; if a law is stalled then it becomes less likely to be enacted (this is highlighted in the above screenshot).  

The one other way you can enact a specific law is during a political movement. Sometimes during your game, individual pops and interest groups will champion a particular law, asking you to enact it. It can still be hard to enact a law through a political movement, because you will still need some support in government for it to have a hope of going through smoothly. If a political movement is particularly popular and the related law isn't passed, this can cause a revolution, so make sure to check the popularity of a political movement before you decide to support or ignore it. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to pass laws in Victoria 3, and now you should have a better understanding of the law system and how to enact specific laws. 

Once you know how to pass laws, check out how to colonise in Victoria 3, which requires you to enact a law that enables the Colonial Affairs institution. 

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