How to beat Polyphemus in Hades 2

How to beat Polyphemus in Hades 2
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23rd May 2024 11:35

If you need some help with the cyclops Polyphemus boss in Hades 2, we've got you covered. This guide will show you some helpful tips to take down Polyphemus in the game.

He's certainly not the most difficult boss in the game, but he can be tricky if you're new to the surface. Unlike Scylla, you'll only have one boss to deal with, but you'll be better off knowing how to react to each of his moves.

How to beat Polyphemus

Polyphemus sending out a shockwave.
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The best things to keep in mind when fighting Polyphemus are the following:

  • Don't stay close to him for long
  • Learn how to dodge through the shockwaves
  • Deal with his summons quickly

Polyphemus will constantly smash the ground and send out shockwaves towards you. These shockwaves have a weird hitbox, so you need to be really careful when dashing through them. He'll also kick a shockwave towards you, which must be dodged to the side. 

Later, he will walk around slowly, and each of his steps will create shockwaves around his feet. It's best to just wait this move out as you'll probably take damage if you get too close.

Once you take down enough of his health he will start summoning enemies. Kill these before you attack Polyphemus again as they'll harass you until they're dealt with.

Polyphemus summoning enemies.
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He will also start to use a more deadly shockwave attack, sending out waves towards you. You can dodge through this if you're quick. Watch out for the grab attack too, as this does a large amount of damage and he'll usually trigger it when you're close to him.

Lastly, Polyphemus can eat the sheep that spawn in the arena to gain health. You can knock the sheep away by hitting them.

What do you get for defeating Polyphemus in Hades 2?

Defeating Polyphemus in Hades 2.
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You'll receive Wool for defeating Polyphemus. This can be used for various upgrades back at the Crossroads.

You'll also be able to move on to the next area, the Rift of Thessaly. This is a watery area where you'll need to cross over on a boat, and it's capped off with the final Olympus boss fight available right now in Hades 2's early access version.

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