How to beat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2

How to beat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2
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8th May 2024 15:43


  • Scylla and the Sirens are three enemies with the same health pool. You’ll need to defeat them all to beat the boss
  • Beating Scylla and the Sirens will reward players with a Pearl that can go toward upgrading weapons and Incantations

If you’ve been running the gauntlets of Hades 2, then at some point you’ll have made it to Scylla and the Sirens, so I’m here to break down just how to beat them, along with the rewards you’ll get for doing so.

Like its predecessor, the game is filled to the brim with brutal bosses and mini-bosses that will attempt to stop Melinoe from completing her goal, which is why I’m here to lend a helping hand with this particularly tricky boss.       .

Spoiler Warning:

This guide may contain story spoilers for Hades 2, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

How to beat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2

To beat Scylla and the Sirens, you’re going to need to take out each of the band members one by one. Despite sharing a health bar, by removing the supporting bandmates from the equation, you’ll have a much easier time against Scylla.

The drummer and keytarist each have their own set of attacks, while Scylla sings and manoeuvres around the map, they support her. Talk about a diva!

Melinoe fighting Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2
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Occasionally, Scylla will retreat into her shell and let her cronies do the work; this is the optimal point you should be attacking them. She'll hit you with some wave attacks, like Headmistress Hecate, but will also attempt to hit you with some lesser enemies and area-of-effect attacks.

After defeating them the first time, Scylla will likely revive them, however, after beating them down for a second time, they stay down, leaving Scylla the only thing standing in your way.

Reward for beating Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2

For beating Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2, you’ll be rewarded with a precious Pearl, as well as being able to progress to the next area in Melinoe’s vengeful journey.

The Pearl reward for beating Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2
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The Pearls, like the Titan’s Blood in the first game, can be used to unlock new Aspects for your weapons, along with some incantations. They’re a rare commodity, so be sure to stock up on them so you have plenty of upgrades to choose from.

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That’s everything you need to beat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2 so that you can progress to the next area and move that step closer to Chronos. If you’re on the hunt for even more guides, head over to our Hades 2 homepage where you can find out all about Arcana cards and how the game runs on Steam Deck.

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