Hades 2 aspects explained & best ones to unlock first

Hades 2 aspects explained & best ones to unlock first
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13th May 2024 11:19


  • Weapon aspects apply new boosts to your weapons, which you can then increase through upgrades
  • Each weapon in the game has three different aspects to choose from

While you won't have access to them immediately, unlocking aspects for your weapons in Hades 2 can push you to that next level, giving you what you need to take down some of the toughest bosses in the game.

Enhancing features like Omega charge time and weapon attack, alongside unique abilities that you wouldn't otherwise have access to, there are many reasons why you'd want to focus on unlocking and upgrading aspects for your weapons.

All weapon aspects & how to unlock them

Weapon aspects are unlocked after activating the 'Aspects of Night and Darkness' Incantation - after which they will appear in the standard weapon selection menu.

Image of the Aspects of Night and Darkness Incantation in Hades 2
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With two aspects available for every weapon in the game, here's what resources you'll need to unlock each one and what benefits they bring:

Witch's Staff

Weapon Aspect Resources Needed Aspect Boost
Aspect of Circe Silver x5, Lotus x5 Gain 'Serenity' after landing 21 Attacks or Specials, which boosts the speed of Omega moves by 15% and makes you rapidly restore MP
Aspect of Momus Lime x2, Pearl x1 Absorb your Omega Special when below 50% health to restore 5 HP

Sister Blades

Weapon Aspect Resources Needed Aspect Boost
Aspect of Artemis Silver x15, Glassrock x1 Channelling your Omega Attack gives you a chance to parry and riposte
Aspect of Pan Wool x1, Shaderot x2 Specials now seek enemies in your Cast, and fire more blades when Channeled

Moonstone Axe

Weapon Aspect Resources Needed Aspect Boost
Aspect of Charon Pearl x5, Obol Points x1 Casts last an extra three seconds, and erupt if hit by your Omega Special
Aspect of Thanatos Glassrock x3, Dark x1 Gain +1 critical chance every time you hit with your Omega moves, increasing until you take damage

Umbral Flames

Weapon Aspect Resources Needed Aspect Boost
Aspect of Moros Bronze x2, Tears x2 Attacks linger for six seconds and then explode if struck by your Special
Aspect of Eos Driftwood x2, Golden Apple x2 Attacks grow bigger and more powerful over four seconds and return to the player when sprinting

Argent Skull

Weapon Aspect Resources Needed Aspect Boost
Aspect of Medea Iron x4, Nightshade x1 Attacks stay within reach and explode after three seconds
Aspect of Persephone Moss x1, Poppy x5 Damage dealt generates 'Glory', which makes your Omega Special last for five seconds and continually attack

Best aspects for every weapon

  • Aspect of Circe (Witch's Staff)
  • Aspect of Artemis (Sister Blades)
  • Aspect of Thanatos (Moonstone Axe)
  • Aspect of Moros (Umbral Flames)
  • Aspect of Medea (Argent Skull)

Pretty much every aspect is viable with the right playstyle, and you can often just stick with each weapon's Aspect of Melinoë as it fits with most 'default' playstyles. I'm particularly fond of the default aspect for the Witch's Staff and Sister Blades, and they fit perfectly with how I like to play both of the weapons.

Image of weapon aspects in Hades 2
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Make sure to continue upgrading your aspect of choice on the second tab too, as it'll dramatically increase the specialised strength, making the weapon a force to be reckoned with. You might also need to tool your build and playstyle to maximise each aspect's strength, but it's more than worth it and will help you breeze through bosses like Hecate and Scylla.

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