All Incantations in Hades 2 so far & best ones to unlock first

All Incantations in Hades 2 so far & best ones to unlock first
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Incantations unlock new skills and opportunities in Hades 2, and the best ones have the potential to completely change the way that you play.

From the ability to purchase valuable items to the chance to plant flowers in your very own garden - there are plenty of reasons why you should pay attention to Incantations in-game and invest your time into getting them all.


This guide is a work in progress and we are still updating it with new information as we learn more.

Every Incantation so far

Here are all of the Incantations I've managed to find and unlock so far, but I'll make sure to continuously update the list as I discover more and progress further through the game:

Incantation Effect Items Needed
Kinship Fortune Adds Nectar to the Wretched Broker 60x Bones
Flourishing Soil Creates two soil plots for seeds 1x Moly
Night's Craftwork Reveals Gathering Tools 1x Moly
Gathering of Ancient Bones Causes a random main weapon each night to grant Bones after every location 2x Limestone
Reviving a Mournful Husk Use Golden Boughs in the Mourning Fields to point the way 1x Myrtle
Cleansing of Fountain-Waters Fountains restore +10% more HP 1x Moly, 1x Lotus
Woodsy Lifespring Reveals a room to restore HP in Erebus 3x Silver, 1x Moly
Rise of Stygian Wells Locations have a chance to spawn a Well of Charon 1x Moly, 1x N. Shade
Floral Fortune Sell items for Bones at the Wretched Broker 1x Ash, 1x N. Shade
Summoning of Mercantile Fortune Welcome the Wretched Broker into the hub area 10x Bones
Reagent Sensing Become alerted to resources after completing an encounter 1x Moly
Forget-Me-Not Save incomplete recipes to check required items at any time 1x Moly
Divination of the Elements Reveal hidden elements of Boons 5x Psyche
Fated Intervention Call upon the Three Fates, and gain the Fated List 1x Silver, 2x Ash, 2x Moly
Doomed Beckoning Speak to Moros once more 3x Fate Fabric, 1x N. Shade
Rite of Vapor-Cleansing Restore to Crossroads Hot Springs to gain Bath Salts 2x Moly, 2x Lotus, 2x N. Shade
Kindred Keepsakes Keepsake container will be available at the end of every Region 4x Lime, 2x Moly, 1x Lotus
Purification of Fountain-Waters Fountains restore +10% HP 1x N. Shade, 1x Cattail
Briny Lifespring Reveals a room to restore HP in Oceanus 3x Lime, 3x Lotus 
Surge of Stygian Wells Well of Charons now appear in-between Regions 3x Moly, 3x Cattail
Permeation of Witching-Wards Traverse Warded gateways, letting you reach the surface 1x Cinder, 1x Shadow, 3x Moly
Empath's Intuition Book of Shadows now shows relationship statuses 1x Fate Fabric, 3x Myrtle
Rich Soil Creates two additional soil plots x3 Lotus
Unraveling a Fateful Bond Remove the curse and survive on the surface 2x N. Shade, x2 Moss, x2 Thalamus, x2 Lotus
Rush of Fresh Air Shrines of Hermes now appear between surface regions 3x Fate Fabric, 1x Wool, 2x Driftwood
Golden Lifespring Reveals a room to restore HP in Tartarus x3 Marble, x3 Shaderot
Sandy Lifespring Reveals a room to restore HP in the Rift of Thessaly 3x Iron, 3x Driftwood
Circles of Protection Unlocks Warding Circles in Erebus 1x Moly, 1x Lotus, 1x Mandrake
Summoning a Colony of Bats Use caged bats to reveal all rooms in the City of Ephyra 3x Moss, 3x Rubbish
Unearthed Troves Locations now have a chance to spawn an Infernal Trove 5x Limestone, 1x N. Shade
Necromantic Influence Sprint into Lone Shades to use them against enemies 5x Psyche, 5x Nightshade
Propensity Toward Gold Golden Urns now appear, giving Gold when broken 1x Limestone, 1x Fate Fabric
Observance of Gaia's Secrets 20% chance to gain an additional resource x7 Moly, x7 Moss, x7 Lotus
Greater Favor of Gaia Tools can now be empowered further x2 Marble, x4 Bronze, x4 Iron
Faith of Familiar Spirits Turn beasts into Animal Familiars x2 Nectar, x1 Lotus
Attending a Faithful Beast Animal Familiars can harvest twice in the Training Grounds 1x Tears, 1x Wool, 4x Wheat
Aspects of Night and Darkness Unlock aspects to enhance your weapons 5x Bronze, 1x N. Shade
Rite of River-Fording Unlock the Fishing Pier in the Crossroads x4 Driftwood, x2 Cattail
Abyssal Insight Activate the Pitch-Black Stone in order to undertake Chaos Trials x2 Fate Fabric, x2 Pearl, x2 Moly, x2 N. Shade
Consecration of Ashes Increase your Arcana Cards by using Moon Dust x6 Ashes, x1 Cinder, x6 Fate Fabric
Rite of Social Solidarity Unlock the Taverna in the Crossroads x2 Nectar, x2 Garlic

Image of Incantations in Hades 2
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Incantations aren't all available from the beginning and are instead unlocked as you progress through the game or find specific items. You'll typically need to reach a new location or find new materials to unlock a new Incantation, so keep pushing for new experiences if you haven't had any pop up in a while.

Best Incantations to unlock first

  • Flourishing Soil
  • Night's Craftwork
  • Cleansing of Fountain-Waters
  • Purification of Fountain-Waters
  • Summoning of Mercantile Fortune
  • Reagent Sensing
  • Fated Intervention
  • Doomed Beckoning
  • Permeation of Witching-Wards
  • Unraveling a Fateful Bond
  • Faith of Familiar Spirits
  • Observance of Gaia's Secrets
  • Greater Favor of Gaia
  • Aspects of Night and Darkness
  • Consecration of Ashes

While you won't be able to access every Incantation from the beginning, you'll still want to prioritise your resources for these ones in particular, as they make your life in the underworld a whole lot easier.

Night's Craftwork is essential to start off with, as it'll allow you to unlock tools that'll let you pick up most of the items needed to craft further Incantations. The same is somewhat true for Summoning of Mercantile Fortune too, as having the ability to buy specific items like Ashes, Nectar, and more is extremely helpful.

Image of the Summoning of Mercantile Fortune Incantation in Hades 2
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Reagent Sensing is one of my favourite Incantations in the game too, as it ensures that I never miss a resource as I'm rushing through encounters - and it's especially useful when you get to the huge Mourning Fields.

Without spoiling too much I'd also recommend both Fated Intervention and Doomed Beckoning, as they'll unlock a new NPC for you to interact with who has their special interactions.

Finally, Permeation of Witching-Wards is a must as soon as it becomes available - as it lets you pass through the ward leading to the surface, letting you seek out new areas.

How to unlock Incantations

Incantations are unlocked through the giant cauldron by Headmistress Hecate in the hub area and require a specific number of ingredients to unlock. These ingredients include items like flowers, ore, and more, so you'll want to try and pick up everything you can as you run through each encounter.

It isn't always clear what you need to do to discover more Incantations, but from my experience I typically unlocked them after reaching new areas, obtaining items for the first time, and clearing certain objectives. Furthermore, it also seemed that some Incantations aren't able to be unlocked until you have purchased other ones, so I'd recommend buying as many as you can to keep the progression going.

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