How to beat Infernal Cerberus in Hades 2

How to beat Infernal Cerberus in Hades 2
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  • Cerberus has a huge amount of health, so patience is key
  • Don't stay close to him for too long
  • Deal with his summons as fast as you can

If you're looking for some tips on how to defeat Infernal Cerberus in Hades 2, we've got you covered. He's a formidable foe in the game, but hopefully it won't take you long to learn his attacks.

After dealing with Scylla and Hecate, you'll be tasked with taking down Infernal Cerberus, a corrupted version of Hades' three-headed pet from the first game. He's got a lot of health, and he deals a lot of damage too, so you need to come prepared.

How to defeat Infernal Cerberus in Hades 2

Phase One

Fighting Cerberus in phase one.
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Cerberus will do a few different attacks throughout the first phase. One is a slam move which creates a shockwave after it hits the ground. You need to keep your distance as this move has a surprisingly large reach and you can get hit easily.

He will also spit fire at you, which then explodes. Stay on one side of him when he does this, then dash to the other side after he breathes fire three times, as you'll have a small window to beat him up.

Cerberus also summons large area-of-effect attacks that cover the ground. After a while these spots will damage you, so just don't stand in them. He might summon random enemies too, which you should deal with as soon as possible or they'll harass you while you try to hit Cerberus.

Generally, you want to dash in and out to deal damage while avoiding his big attacks. Don't stay near him for very long - this is a battle of attrition so as long as you don't get greedy you should be fine.

Phase Two

Fighting Cerberus in phase two.
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When Cerberus loses half his health, he will enter phase two. He has a huge health bar, but once you get him down to phase two you'll have to deal with a variety of new things.

The screen will zoom out, and Cerberus will cover far more of the battlefield with his attacks. You need to be careful where you stand during this phase.

He'll also charge around stomping the ground, which you can avoid by staying behind him. This attack gives you a chance to hit him from behind, but make sure you don't accidentally dash into his stomps.

Cerberus can also create a huge number of those area-of-effect attacks from earlier, leaving almost no room for you to stand. You'll need to quickly find the few safe spots on the map to avoid damage. He might even summon a danger zone around him, forcing you to get close. This is easy to avoid by just simply staying near him until it goes away.

Like Phase One, Cerberus can summon random enemies from the previous area to fight you. These could be easy to kill or hard, it just depends on who he summons. Some enemies can hit you from afar, while others can only hurt you up close.

Finally, he can use a move that sucks you in towards him, which can be dodged by rapidly sprinting to the side of it.

What do you get for beating Infernal Cerberus?

After defeating him, he'll revert back to his form from the original game. You'll get Tears, which you can use for various things back home in the Crossroads.

You'll also gain access to the fourth and final area of the underworld portion of Hades 2. This is where you can find and fight Chronos, so you'd best prepare yourself for an even tougher battle.

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