All Hades 2 main, mini & secret bosses we know so far

All Hades 2 main, mini & secret bosses we know so far
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  • Just like the original, Hades 2 features an assortment of main bosses, mini-bosses and secret bosses for Melinoe to fight
  • Main bosses make for the final challenge of each area while mini-bosses offer a significant fight about halfway through

As we’re making our way through the various gauntlets Hades 2 has to offer, you’re more than likely dying (over and over) to know which bosses you’ll be facing in the game – so I’m here to break them all down for you in the order you’ll face them.

Like the first game, Hades 2 features a main boss at the end of each area, alongside a smattering of mini-bosses that will try and send Melinoe back to the start – but we’re not going to let that happen.

Spoiler Warning:

This guide may contain story spoilers for Hades 2, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

All main bosses in order in Hades 2

Headmistress Hecate

Headmistress Hecate in Hades 2
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Headmistress Hecate is the first significant challenge you’ll face on your various runs in Hades 2. While she may be an ally to Melinoe, that doesn’t mean she’s going to go easy on her.

With various hexes and spells at her disposal, including one that can turn Melinoe into a sheep, you’re going to need to find some powerful Boons from the gods if you’re going to take her down and proceed to the next area.

Scylla and the Sirens

Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2
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Since musicals in video games seem to be in vogue right now, it’s only appropriate to pop one in the Underworld as well. And what better supergroup to have than the sirens, led by the sea monster Scylla as the lead vocalist.

By taking out the drummer and the keytarist, you’ll hear that the track changes, meaning you’re directly influencing their performance while they’re trying to kill you. Could Coral Crown be this year’s Herald of Darkness? Only time will tell.

Infernal Beast

Infernal Beast in Hades 2
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A dog? With three heads? Now that seems hauntingly familiar, doesn’t it? While Cerberus was happy to let you past the Temple of Styx with a tasty Satyr Sack to devour, unfortunately, everyone’s favourite three-headed best boy has fallen on hard times and isn’t so friendly these days.

Chronos, Titan of Time

The entire reason for Melinoe’s journey. Technically speaking, Chronos, as the father of Hades, is Melinoe’s grandfather. But, there’s no love lost in this family reunion, as he proves to be even more difficult than his final boss son from the previous game. Just try pausing the game against the Titan of Time and see what his response will be (no seriously, pause the game during this fight).

All secret bosses in Hades 2

The Cyclops Polyphemus

The Cyclops of legend is laying siege to the land and it's up to you to stop him. Despite his meandering movement, he can ground-pound his way to victory and send damaging shockwaves your way to take you down.

Charybdis the Devouring

What’s Greek mythology without a couple of sea monsters, eh? In this case, we’ve got Charybdis the Devouring, a gargantuan tentacled menace with some terrifying teeth.

Eris, Strife Incarnate

Eris is the secret final boss of Hades 2, wielding an all too familiar weapon that you would’ve put to good use in the first game. Exagryph, the Adamant Rail is one of the strongest weapons you can use in the original game, and its hidden Aspect of Eris should give you a clue as to why Eris wields it now.

With a flurry of ranged attacks, Eris will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, even if that means sending you straight back to the beginning of the game.

All mini-bosses in Hades 2


The Shadow-Spiller in Hades 2
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The Shadow-Spiller is one of the earlier mini-bosses in Erebus, alongside the Root Stalker. This monstrous mass will be one of your first major stumbling blocks in the game, and a test of your resolve and early Boons.

Root Stalker

The Root Stalker in Hades 2
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While we’re not completely certain of the name of this mini-boss right now, we’ve taken to calling it the Root Stalker. One of the earliest mini-bosses you’ll find in Hades 2, it still poses a significant challenge, especially with the armour surrounding it.

Queen Lamia

Gorgons in Hades 2
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The Queen Lamia is a sinister serpent with a few minions backing her up. As you can see, the lesser Lamia are on their own little islands. So, you'll need to beat them quickly by dashing over to the islands or using ranged attacks before dealing with Queen Lamia herself.


The Goldwrath in Hades 2
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The Goldwrath is one of the mini-bosses of Tartarus and you'll need to use the environment to your advantage here. As you can see in the image above, there are a few pillars in this room. You'll need to use these for cover if you're going to avoid the multitude of lasers coming your way.

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They’re all the bosses we’ve found so far in Hades 2. As we progress through the game and make our way through these difficult gauntlets, we’ll be updating this page to make sure every boss in the game is covered.

If, like Artemis, you’re on the hunt for even more guides, be sure to head over to our Hades 2 homepage where you can find out everything from how Hades 2 runs on Steam Deck to all the Arcana Cards and what they do.

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