All Hades 2 Keepsakes, effects & how to get them

All Hades 2 Keepsakes, effects & how to get them
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  • Keepsakes are unlocked by gifting Nectar to a character
  • There are 27 different Keepsakes available in-game
  • Some of the best ones are Evil Eye, Ghost Onion, and Luckier Tooth

Keepsakes are an essential item if you want to get far in Hades 2. Each one provides a unique effect whenever you have it equipped, and you can get them by gifting different NPCs and Gods.

I've listed all the Keepsakes in the game below, as well as a guide on how to get them for yourself. 

How to get Keepsakes

It's quite simple to unlock Keepsakes - all you need to do is gift Nectar to a character and they'll give you theirs.

  • Before talking to a character you can choose to gift them if you have any Nectar on you, and doing so will grant you their Keepsake
  • You can get Nectar as a reward from Encounters, or you can buy them from the Broker at the Crossroads if you've unlocked him
  • All you need to do then is gift a God once and you'll unlock their Keepsake permanently

You can also upgrade Keepsakes by using them in Encounters, giving them stronger effects overall. 

All Keepsakes & their effects

Keepsakes in Hades 2.
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Here's a list of every Keepsake in Hades 2, which character you need to gift to get them, and their effects.

Keepsakes Characters Effects
Silver Wheel Hecate After you use Magick, restore it over 3 seconds, up to a total of 1000 Magick this night
Knuckle Bones Odysseus The next Guardian loses -10% HP. You take -15% damage from Guardians
Luckier Tooth Schelemeus After you fall to 0 health, automatically restore health once this night
Ghost Onion Dora Whenever you exit a Location, fully restore your health up to a total of 75 this night
Evil Eye Nemesis Deal +20% damage to the last foe that vanquished you
Engraved Pin Moros After you fall to 0 health, become Impervious for 10 seconds. If no foes remain, restore 30 health
Discordant Bell Eris After each encounter you deal +0.5% damage, but also take that much more
Gold Purse Charon Gain +100 Gold once this night
Metallic Droplet Hermes You move, strike and Channel 20% faster for the next 200 seconds
White Antler Artemis While you have no more than 30 health, you have +30% chance to deal Critical damage
Moon Beam Selene You gain +1 upgrades for your Hex from the next Path of Stars you find
Cloud Bangle Zeus A Boon of Zeus is likely. You can Rarify his Common blessings once this night
Iridescent Fan Hera A Boon of Hera is likely. You can Rarify her Common blessings once this night
Vivid Sea Poseidon A Boon of Poseidon is likely. You can Rarify his Common blessings once this night
Barley Sheaf Demeter A Boon of Demeter is likely. You can Rarify her Common blessings once this night
Purest Hope Apollo A Boon of Apollo is likely. You can Rarify his Common blessings once this night
Beautiful Mirror Aphrodite A Boon of Aphrodite is likely. You can Rarify her Common blessings once this night
Adamant Shard Hephaestus A Boon of Hephaestus is likely. You can Rarify his Common blessings once this night
Everlasting Ember Hestia A Boon of Hestia is likely. You can Rarify her Common blessings once this night
Lion Fang Heracles Deal +30% bonus damage, but that value decreases by 5% after each Encounter
Blackened Fleece Medea After you take 250 damage, your Omega moves deal +20% damage
Crystal Figurine Circe After the next Guardian, activate 1 random Arcana Card
Silken Sash Arachne Gain +20 Armor. While you have at least 1 Armor, gain +3 Armor after each Location
Aromatic Phial Narcissus Fountains restore +20% health. The next makes 1 random Common Boon of yours Rare
Concave Stone Echo After choosing a Boon, you have a 25% chance to randomly take another Boon (once per run)
Experimental Hammer Icarus Gain a random Daedalus Hammer upgrade that lasts for 10 Encounters
Transcendent Embryo Chaos Gain a random Common Chaos blessing once this night. Every 8 Encounters, replace it

Those are all 27 of the Keepsakes we currently know about in Hades 2! More may be added throughout the game's development in early access, and if they are, this section will be updated - but this is already a pretty long list!

What are the best Keepsakes in Hades 2?

  • Luckier Tooth
  • Evil Eye
  • Ghost Onion
  • Blackened Fleece
  • Concave Stone

One of the best Keepsakes is the Luckier Tooth from Schelemeus. This gives you an extra life essentially, so it's super helpful if you're trying to get far in a run. Until you unlock stronger cards or upgrades, this will always come in handy.

Schelemeus from Hades 2.
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Evil Eye is great if you're struggling with a particular boss. If you died to Scylla, for example, you get bonus damage against them the next time you fight them.

Ghost Onion is another solid Keepsake if you're struggling in the early game and need more survivability. It restores health between Encounters to keep you going for longer.

Good later-game options include Medea's Blackened Fleece for extra Omega move damage or Echo's Concave Stone which can give you extra Boons. Most Keepsakes are viable for different things though, and you can swap them out after boss fights eventually, meaning you can utilise multiple Keepsakes throughout a single run.

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