GTA 6: Is There A Trailer?

GTA 6: Is There A Trailer?
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21st Jul 2021 15:32

Although Grand Theft Auto players are revving their engines in anticipation of GTA 6, it sounds like Rockstar Games isn't quite ready to rock and roll just yet. Still, that hasn't stopped fans asking when we'll get a GTA 6 trailer and when we'll finally figure out what's going on.

It's been eight years - and counting - since GTA V soared to the top of the charts and became the most profitable entertainment product of all time, and while everyone has guessed a sequel is on the way, Rockstar has refused to confirm which leaks (if any) are on the money. So, just where is the GTA 6 trailer?

GTA 6: Is there a trailer?

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Considering Rockstar hasn't even announced GTA 6, there's no official trailer. Despite the plethora of GTA 6 leaks, there isn't even a fake trailer that's done the rounds yet. When we eventually get the first GTA 6 trailer, expect it to confirm/debunk most of the rumours we've been hearing.

There are continued reports GTA 6 will have the milestone inclusion of a female protagonist - which a first trailer would surely confirm. Elsewhere, Rockstar can't shake the rumours that the next game will be Vice City sequel. Although no one is quite sure whether that means another period-set game or a modernised version of Vice City. The potential use of cryptocurrency would suggest the latter.

The closest we have to any form of footage is a shaky video that apparently comes from the map screen and confirms a return to Vice City. Still, fandom is split on whether this is real or a hoax. If this is legitimate, it's not quite a GTA 6 trailer but would be our first proper look at the game.

GTA 6: When will we get a trailer?

Asking when we'll get a GTA 6 trailer is even harder considering we don't have an official announcement or a release date. Recently, there's been a flurry of activity surrounding potential release windows, however, all seem to contradict each other.

Despite a job listing for a Live Events Coordinator sparking hopes that GTA 6 would be announced soon, others have claimed the next-gen game won't be announced until 2022. Worrying, others think we won't be sitting down to play whatever is next until the year 2025.

The plus side is that whenever GTA 6 is finally revealed, we'll hopefully get some form of trailer. Unlike Hogwarts Legacy having an impressive announcement trailer as 2020's PS5 event, expect the first GTA 6 trailer to be little more than an announcement that teases what's to come. 

Interestingly, November will mark 10 years since the GTA V trailer released and could be one to watch in terms of GTA 6 updates. Even if gamers are getting increasingly frustrated with a lack of progress on GTA 6, at least we're (hopefully) one day closer to a GTA 6 trailer.


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