Rumour Suggests GTA 6 Will Be Set In 1970s Miami

Rumour Suggests GTA 6 Will Be Set In 1970s Miami

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8th Feb 2021 13:01

Rockstar Games, what are you doing to us? While patient players thought this year's Super Bowl LV would finally bring news of Grand Theft Auto 6, we were left disappointed that there's still no sign of the highly anticipated GTA 6. 2021 will mark eight years since Grand Theft Auto V was released, with the fifth main entry series to the automotive adventure becoming the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

Even though GTA V is still going strong thanks to the GTA Online, many believe it's been long enough since Rockstar gifted us its last outing. The company has some major franchises under its belt, and with it being nearly three years since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, there are questions about what developers have been working on. Alongside confirmation that a next-gen remastering of GTA V should be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S this year, there's a whirlwind of rumours about what's going on with GTA 6. The latest suggest we'll be heading back to the times of floral shirts, men's perms, Pink Floyd, and Elton John with a GTA set in 1970's Miami.


Will GTA 6 be set in 1970's Miami?

The latest "leaks" come from Reddit, which already has alarm bells ringing. The internet has become a hotbed of flying fakes, with Reddit being little better than the notoriously sketchy 4chan these days. However, let's delve a little deeper into these new rumours. Redditor u/meetsejpal has shared information that was previously leaked on 4chan (see above). According to the post, GTA 6 will indeed return to the fan-favourite Vice City that we previously explored in 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

There will be a male protagonist called Ricardo, but suggestions those rumours of a female protagonist were in the works at one point before being axed. Added to this, the map will go beyond Vice City to cover a Florida-esque state. There could be a smaller map that's similar to RDR2's Guarma. Continued reports of weather effects mean storms will be "genuinely insane", and we're told to expect a game that's small on scale. If the leaks are real, Rockstar could be targeting an October 2023 release, suggesting an announcement could be just around the corner.


Should we listen to rumours GTA 6 will be set in Miami?

It's interesting to note that Vice City and the story of Tommy Vercetti was set in 1986, so GTA 6 would be a prequel for some of it. We previously heard the next game would be set in modern times but go back to Vice City, however, the leak claims the story will span multiple decades - think The Godfather Part II. When it comes to GTA Online, a special version will launch a few months after the main game and follow in the footsteps of what happened with Red Dead Online

Things sound pretty credible, especially the mention that former Rockstar President of Creativity, Dan Houser, penned the story before he left last year. Gamers have been calling out for a return to Vice City, so a fake rumour was always guaranteed to be popular. Added to this, there are continued reports a remastered version of Vice City is on the way. There could be some great timing, however, let's remember we're also tipped to be getting a remastered GTA: San Andreas and GTA III as part of a "Remastered Collection". 

Although it's a nice idea and looks like a creditable leak on the surface, finding legitimate information on GTA 6 is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Barely a week goes by that someone doesn't have some sort of leak or wacky theory. Still, the latest caused GTA 6 to trend on Twitter, which was then followed by the mythical title trending AGAIN thanks to those Super Bowl rumours. How much longer will players sit and wait before they lose their rag with Rockstar? Leaks and theories are getting to an almost unbearable limit, but for the time being, we're left revving our engines in anticipation for more news on GTA 6


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