GTA 6 'Will Reward Players With Cryptocurrency'

GTA 6 'Will Reward Players With Cryptocurrency'

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Jack Marsh


4th Jun 2021 12:41

The gaming world took Wall Street by storm earlier this year, with Redditors and general gamers banding like brothers in arms to earn millions of dollars in cryptocurrency.

Combined, the savvy investors plunged money into stocks such as Gamestop and cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, making millions in the process and leaving those tightly buttoned Wall Street smarms scratching their heads. The fiasco even caught the attention of US Congresswoman turned internet personality Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who stood up for the gamers amid resistance from brokers.

Now, it appears Rockstar Gaming is using the link in their unannounced Grand Theft Auto title. According to reputable leaker Tom Henderson, GTA 6 will reward players with cryptocurrencies following selected heists.

GTA 6 Cryptocurrencies 

Taking to Twitter, Henderson said: "some missions will reward you in bitcoin instead of cash for completing some missions."

"The stock market feature will return, with the addition of a broker for different cryptocurrencies. If GTA 6 incorporates this right, it's huge for crypto."

With the leaker's tweets gathering a lot of traction on the platform, the Battlefield and Call of Duty fanatic added "Just so there's even less confusion - I'm not joking. This is what I heard from someone that I trust, and it will likely not be called "Bitcoin" per se - But it will be a cryptocurrency."

He did add that the information should be taken with a bit of salt, although he believes that his source was on the money - or invisible money for that matter.

Will the GTA 6 Cryptocurrency be available to use?

Despite people initially thinking that the leaker was suggesting the cryptocurrency is to act like Doge and reward players with actual cash, Henderson was quick to reiterate that the alternate form of money was for in-game purposes only.

He added that the GTA 6 cryptocurrency will act like that GTA V Stock Market, which was a way for Michael and co. to keep their stolen money without it being traced.

Unfortunately for your market maniacs, the GTA 6 cryptocurrency will not let you pay the bills in real life.

Either way, it's still a cool addition and a good advertisement for crypto as a whole.


Image via Rockstar Games

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