Grand Theft Auto 6 Map Appears To Have Leaked With Vice City Locations

Grand Theft Auto 6 Map Appears To Have Leaked With Vice City Locations
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


9th Jul 2021 11:13

Most of us have a Hawaiian shirt on standby for the eventual reveal of the next Grand Theft Auto game and what's (hopefully) a return to Vice City. Despite the fact Rockstar Games hasn't even announced GTA 6 yet, that hasn't stopped leaks, rumours, and debunks pouring in like nobody's business. Now, a "leaked" map has shown off a brand new Vice City.

There's plenty of speculation about what's on the way with GTA 6, but one idea that refuses to go away is the notion that we'll get some sort of sequel to 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Whether that's in the form of another '80s-set game or a modern sequel that heads back to the neon-splashed locale decades later, it's a popular theory among fans and pros alike.

What's the Grand Theft Auto 6/Vice City map? 

Originally posted on the GTA Forums, a now-deleted video showed off a GTA 6/Vice City map. It's unclear why it was deleted, but since then, it's started going viral on other sites. The OG leak claims it's the entire GTA 6 map, which would be a massive leak.

Although it only shows the map screen, there are some interesting details to dissect. In particular, there are activities that include sea and street races, fishing tournaments, and visiting strip clubs. (well, this is GTA). Importantly, there's a suggestion that you'll get to customise your character more than ever. Alongside clothing stores and salons, there's even a plastic surgeon. 

Looking closely, there are some familiar locales like Downtown Vice City, Kraff Way, and Quincy World. Remember that a leak way back in 2018 claimed “Fred Quincy’s’ World Resort Radio” would be a station players could listen to as they drive around GTA 6. It all lines up with what noted leaker Tom Henderson said about a modern Vice City joining GTA 6 in 2025.

Is the Grand Theft Auto 6/Vice City map real?

Of course, with all things GTA, we need to air on the side of caution. We've already covered a GTA 6 and Vice City crossover map that was quickly confirmed as fake. Critics have pointed out that the footage seems to be purposefully shaky and blurry. Elsewhere, others have claimed the assets used are just from the GTA V map. We've got to admit this probably isn't the real deal, but that doesn't mean there isn't some truth to the rumours.

Elsewhere, players have noticed that a popular Vice City mod has been removed from a noted GTA site - hinting that we're closer than ever to confirmation of Vice City for GTA 6. The GTA5-mods site has pulled its "Vice City Remastered" mod. There's some suspect timing, especially considering it has been out for years.

There's speculation that it could have something to with the upcoming release of GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced, but even then, it doesn't make sense that it would affect a Vice City mod. Let's also remember there were whispers of an official Vice City remaster from Rockstar. Sadly, none of the above points to any concrete evidence that we'll pick up with Tommy Vercetti's story in GTA 6


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