Where to find & how to use the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite

Where to find & how to use the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite
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9th Sep 2023 17:30

New in Fortnite, the Sticky Grenade Launcher is redefining the meta. The Sticky Grenade Launcher is one of those Fortnite weapons that's fun to use but dreadful to go against. This primer explains where to find the Sticky Grenade Launcher in the battle royale and how to use it to secure Victory Royales.

Where to find the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite

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You can find Sticky Grenade Launchers all over the Island. This powerful Explosive Weapon may appear in Chests, Holo-Chests, Heist Bags, Supply Drones, and after claiming a POI. Sticky Grenade Launchers are available in Epic and Legendary rarities.

How to use the Sticky Grenade Launcher in Fortnite

Sticky Grenade Launchers fire projectiles that stick to players and surfaces before exploding after a short delay. The projectiles from Sticky Grenade Launchers deal ten damage on impact and 65 to 70 extra damage when they explode, depending on whether you're using an Epic or Legendary Sticky Grenade Launcher.

The Sticky Grenade Launcher has a Magazine Size of four, so you can fire off a bunch of projectiles before you need to reload it. Typically, the downside of Explosive Weapons is that Rockets are scarce and difficult to come by, but that issue is completely negated by the new Explosive Surplus Reality Augment. This Augment gives you Rockets instantly, and all containers you open contain additional Rockets.

Another trait of the Sticky Grenade Launcher responsible for its spot in the meta is that there's no delay when swapping from the Sticky Grenade Launcher to another Sticky Grenade Launcher. Because of this, you can carry multiple Sticky Grenade Launchers and fire off a constant stream of projectiles at your ill-fated opponents.

The Sticky Grenade Launcher excels in both regular Battle Royale and Zero Build. The Sticky Grenade Launcher is the perfect counter to building, as no amount of material can withstand a barrage from this Explosive Weapon. And in Zero Builds, foes will have nowhere to hide from an onslaught of Sticky Grenade Launcher projectiles.

That wraps up our overview of the Sticky Grenade Launcher. Grab one or more Sticky Grenade Launchers and wreak havoc in Fortnite. This new Explosive Weapon is undeniably a staple of the meta, so don't be surprised if it gets nerfed later in Chapter 4 Season 4!

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