Fortnite Chapter 4 Augments: What Are They And How To Use

Fortnite Chapter 4 Augments: What Are They And How To Use
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18th Jan 2023 11:39

Fortnite Chapter 4 is finally here after what feels like an eternity, with plenty of new content for players to sink their teeth into. After a controversial previous season, eager fans hope this one fares much better, and early word seems to be primarily positive amongst the community.

All of this seems to stem from the many new features introduced into Fortnite Season 4 - one of which is the ability to equip Augments which dramatically change the match. If you’re just jumping into the season and wondering what these are all about, here’s everything you need to know about Augments in Fortnite Chapter 4.

What Are Augments In Fortnite Chapter 4?

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If you’ve played other online shooters, you may be used to gaining perks and upgrades for your character. It’s a common feature and one that Fortnite hasn’t really adopted up until this point. However, with Augments, that all changes in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Augments allow you to equip a buff or perks to your character at regular intervals throughout the map. You’ll be presented with two and be forced to pick one or the other. If you’re not happy, you’re allowed one free re-roll to try for another two perks. These will last the entirety of your Fortnite game and perhaps give you an edge in victory.

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How To Use Augments In Fortnite Chapter 4

To use Augments is really simple. At certain times of the match, normally after a key event such as the storm coming in, you’ll notice an icon on the right-hand side of the screen. This is accompanied by a button prompt, such as right on the d-pad for controller users. Press this, and you’ll be presented with the Augments screen.

Here, you must make a choice out of two possible Augments. You can re-roll for free once per match, but any further re-rolls will set you back some gold bars. Once you’ve made your choice, the Augment will last until the end of the Fortnite match. 

You’ll have multiple opportunities to equip Augments throughout the match, so be sure to keep an eye on the screen and use the feature as soon as it charges up and becomes available to use.

All Augments Available In Fortnite Chapter 4

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As Fortnite Chapter 4 begins, there are over 20 Augments to choose from. They will be randomly rolled for each player throughout the map, meaning the number of combinations available is nearly endless.

If you want to know every single augment available in Fortnite Chapter 4, they are as follows:

  • Aerialist - Grants you Glider redeploy for the rest of the match.
  • Bloodhound - Enemies hit by your marksman rifle or bow shots are marked for a brief duration.
  • Bow Specialist - Bows draw and reload faster, and you regenerate arrows over time.
  • Bush Warrior - You regenerate health and partial shields while inside large foliage.
  • Chug Gunner - Receive a Chug Cannon.
  • Demolition Munitions - Objects you destroy have a chance to drop explosives. Excludes player-built structures.
  • First Assault - The first bullet in the magazine of your Assault Rifle deals bonus damage.
  • Forecast - You can always see the next storm circle.
  • Jelly Angler - Receive a fishing rod. You can use it to fish anywhere, but you can only fish up Jellyfish.
  • Light Fingers - Makes your weapons using Light Ammo reload faster.
  • Mechanical Archer - Gives you a Mechanical Explosive Bow and Mechanical Shockwave Bow.
  • More Parkour - Your energy regenerates briefly after mantling or hurdling.
  • Party Time - Gain Balloons over time.
  • Pistol Amp - Pistols have greatly increased magazine size.
  • Rifle Recycle - Weapons using medium ammo have a chance not to consume ammo.
  • Rushing Reload - Sprinting will slowly reload your equipped shotgun.
  • Soaring Sprints - While sprinting, you’ll be able to jump much higher—and jump with lower gravity.
  • Splash Medic - You have a chance to find Chug Splash in every container you open.
  • Storm Mark - When the storm changes, ping the area to highly nearby enemies for a short duration.
  • Supercharged - Your vehicles won’t consume fuel and they’ll have increased health.
  • Tactical Armory - Grants a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun.
  • Tricked Out - Entering a car or Truck applies Chonkers and Cow Catcher to it.
  • Shotgun Striker - Shotguns give siphon on hits against players.
  • Rarity Check - You gain siphon on eliminations with common or uncommon weapons.
  • Peely's Plunder - Receive a treasure map that will lead you to buried treasure.
  • Zero Chance - Temporarily gain the Zero Point dash ability each time you break an enemy's shield.
  • Danger Hero - Briefly regenerate Health and gain movement speed when your Shield breaks.

As Fortnite Chapter 4 goes on, we imagine more Augments may be introduced, and possibly some may be taken away, but we’ll be sure to update this guide in the event of any further changes.

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