Fortnite Holo-Chests Explained

Fortnite Holo-Chests Explained
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6th Oct 2022 12:35

Fortnite Holo-Chests are a brand-new type of Container that displays what's inside before you open it. Hate wasting your time in Fortnite opening up a bunch of Chests, only to discover useless items? Well, with Holo-Chests, that isn't an issue. If you want to see for yourself what Holo-Chests are all about, keep reading to learn where to find and how to open Fortnite Holo-Chests.

What Are Fortnite Holo-Chests?

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Fortnite Holo-Chests are an innovative twist on Chests, projecting the items inside before you ever pry it open. Above the Holo-Chest is a hologram that depicts the item contained within. Holo-Chests showcase the type of item as well as its rarity. 

You can find regular Holo-Chests and, on rare occasions, Exotic Holo-Chests.

Fortnite Holo-Chests: Where To Find

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Fortnite Holo-Chests appear around the Island at random, just like regular Chests. Rave Cave, Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, and Cloudy Condos are a few locations that typically house a hefty number of Holo-Chests. Holo-Chests spawn in groupings, so you'll always have a few options.

If you have a Key in your inventory, you can open up the Map to find the precise locations of every available Holo-Chest. 

Fortnite Holo-Chests: How To Open

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To open a Holo-Chest, you'll need a Key. You can find Keys in Chests and Supply Drops. Regular Holo-Chests require a single Key to pop open, while Exotic Holo-Chests take two Keys. You can stack up to three Keys in your inventory at a time.

With the necessary number of Keys in your inventory, approach a Holo-Chest and interact with it to open it.

That sums up this breakdown of Fortnite Holo-Chests. Scour the Island for Keys, then use them to grab the items of your choice out of Holo-Chests.

Holo-Chests aren't the only thing Keys are good for. Check out our primer on Fortnite Vault and Key locations.

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