How to get Society Medallions in Fortnite & what they're used for

How to get Society Medallions in Fortnite & what they're used for
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Coleman Hamstead


6th Dec 2023 12:45


Of all the new content that debuted in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, Society Medallions are probably one of the more impactful additions to the battle royale.

Society Medallions are afforded only to the highest-ranking members of Fortnite's new faction, The Society, but you can steal them if you're willing to get your hands dirty. This guide details how to find them in the free-to-play battle royale from Epic Games.

Where to find Society Medallions in Fortnite

Where to find all five Society Medallions in the Island
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There are five Society Medallions on the Island, each corresponding to a different Boss that can be defeated:

  • Valeria's Medallion
  • Montague's Medallion
  • Nisha's Medallion
  • Oscar's Medallion
  • Peter Griffin's Medallion

When a match first starts, you can find Valeria's Medallion at Reckless Railways, Montague's Medallion at Grand Glacier, Nisha's Medallion at Fencing Fields, Oscar's Medallion at Lavish Lair, and Peter Griffin's Medallion at Snooty Steppes.

When you open the in-game map, you'll see the precise location of all the Society Medallions!

How to get Society Medallions

A Society Medallion beside a defeated Boss
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To get Society Medallions, you must defeat the Bosses associated with each one. For example, Valeria at Reckless Railways will always drop Valeria's Medallion when you slay her.

However, if someone else got to the Boss first, they might have taken the Society Medallion! If you see a yellow circle on the in-game map, it means a player in that vicinity has possession of at least one of these rare items. If you defeat a player holding a Society Medallion, you can loot it for yourself!

Society Medallions function like Victory Crowns in that they do not take up space in your inventory, so don't worry about dropping any of your items to grab one!

What do Society Medallions do?

All the Society Medallions in Chapter 5 Season 1
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Society Medallions regenerate Shield over time, so there's no need to carry any Shield Potions if you have one! The more Medallions you're carrying, the faster your Shield will replenish itself. 

Furthermore, these collectibles work like Keycards, granting access to Vaults, where you can get high-tier loot and find Mod Benches to customise your weapons. As an added perk, Sentry Cameras and Sentry Turrets will ignore you entirely.

There are some drawbacks to collecting Society Medallions, though. If you're carrying one, enemies can see your rough location on their maps. The more you possess, the more precise the yellow circle indicating your whereabouts will be.

That's the basics of Society Medallions in Fortnite. Eliminate Bosses to get them, but be diligent! While there are benefits to gathering these valuable items, holding Medallions makes you a target.

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