Where is Peter Griffin on the Fortnite map?

Where is Peter Griffin on the Fortnite map?
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5th Dec 2023 11:23


Not only can you play as Peter Griffin in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1: Underground, but you can find the Family Guy star on the map, too!

Peter serves as a Boss in Fortnite, so he won't take kindly to you trespassing on his property in hopes of snagging a picture or an autograph. This primer details where to find the main protagonist of Family Guy, Peter Griffin, on the map in the free-to-play battle royale from Epic Games.

Where is Peter Griffin on the Fortnite map?

Where on the map you can find Peter Griffin in Fortnite
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Now that Peter Griffin is in Fortnite, he resides at Snooty Steppes. Snooty Steppes is a gated community in the southwest corner of the Island. As a member of The Society, Peter Griffin and an army of Legion Guards roam Snooty Steppes and are hostile toward outsiders.

Peter Griffin strolls around Snooty Steppes, so you won't find him in any particular spot. However, you can check the in-game map for Peter Griffin's Medallion to learn Peter's precise location or at least the location of whoever's holding it!

How to defeat Peter Griffin

Battling Peter Griffin in Fortnite
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Like most Bosses in Fortnite, Peter Griffin sports a ton of Shields and Health. Peter wields a Mythic Hammer Pump Shotgun, but thankfully, he's not very accurate with it. He's also capable of tossing Stink Bombs.

The most unique tool in Peter Griffin's kit is his Special Ability that allows him to regenerate his Shields. If you take too long to down him, he'll perform an Emote and get all his Shields back! With that, focus all your efforts on Peter Griffin and try to quickly end the fight.

We advise you to bring some decent weapons and plenty of ammunition if you hope to slay Peter Griffin and his Legion Guards. If you aren't prepared, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the hostile troops.

When you eventually deplete Peter Griffin's Shields and Health, he'll drop to the floor, clutching onto his knee, and begin rocking back and forth and wincing from the pain of your bullets. After a moment, a MED-bot will appear and teleport Peter Griffin away, but not before he drops some goodies!

What do you get for defeating him?

Peter Griffin after he's defeated in Fortnite
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Upon his defeat, Peter drops Peter Griffin's Medallion and Peter Griffin's Hammer Pump Shotgun.

Peter Griffin's Medallion is one of five Society Medallions available on the Island. It automatically replenishes your Shields over time at the cost of revealing your general location to enemy players. The Medallion also works like a Keycard, allowing you to open Vaults. Last but not least, Peter Griffin's Medallion will cause the Sentry Cameras and Sentry Turrets at Snooty Steppes to ignore you being there.

Peter Griffin's Hammer Pump Shotgun is a Mythic variant of the Hammer Pump Shotgun. This special Hammer Pump Shotgun functions like a regular Hammer Pump Shotgun, only it's got better stats and comes pre-equipped with the following mods:

  • HOLO-13 Optic Scope
  • Speed Magazine
  • Angled Foregrip
  • Muzzle Brake

Whatever your reasons are for checking in with the head of the Family Guy household, you can find Peter Griffin patrolling Snooty Steppes. He's armed, though, so be careful and ready for a fight!

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