How to complete a Train Heist in Fortnite

How to complete a Train Heist in Fortnite
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4th Dec 2023 17:32


The latest season of Fortnite has brought with it a fresh Battle Pass, new skins, and more challenges, including the 'Train Heist' and 'Claim the floating island Capture Point' quests.

The most important thing to know about this challenge is you don’t need to complete the whole thing in one game, you can split it up across two matches. If you die after completing the train, your progress will be saved in the game - which was good news for me because I died almost immediately after ransacking the train.

Below we will explain exactly how you can complete both parts of the 'Show the Society they don’t control everything' challenge which is worth 30,000 XP - so it's well worth doing. 

How to complete the Train Heist in Fortnite

Train Heist in Fortnite
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Once you've spotted the train going around the Fortnite map, here's how you can complete the Train Heist challenge:

  • First off, you will need to land on the train, you can do this straight from the Battle Bus as there is plenty to loot on there
  • If you start from the back of the train and work towards the front there are loot boxes on either side of the doors with a big cache at the end 
  • Loot everything you can see whilst the big cache will take around 30 seconds to open 
  • Once it opens you have completed the first part of the challenge 

Big cache on the train in Fortnite
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The train will naturally draw people to it, whether they are trying to complete the challenge as well or simply hitching a ride - be prepared for some conflict along the way. Fortunately, once you've looted everything, you should have a decent loadout and be ready for step two of the challenge. 

How to Claim the floating island Capture Point

It's important to remember this part of the challenge cannot be completed until the floating island spawns. In the games I have played, it usually spawns when there are less than 25 people left in the match.

I had one game when it didn’t appear on the map until there were only 18 people left though - so you'll need to be alive for quite a while to get to this point of the challenge. 

Marker on the map for the island in Fortnite
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  • Once the floating island appears, you'll see a rift marker on your map, and a huge bright rift in the world - you really can’t miss it
  • Jump into the rift 
  • It will transport you to the base of the island (which appears where you stood) 
  • Now you can grapple to the top 
  • Once on the island find the Capture Point and defend it from any other players until it is yours 

Capture point in Fortnite
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Once you've claimed the Capture Point, this quest will come to an end and you'll have an extra 30,000 XP to top up your Battle Stars and (hopefully) make some decent progress through the Battle Pass!

That is all there is to know about the Train Heist challenge in Fortnite. If you have been playing the new season and wondering how to unlock Solid Snake or how to get the Lamborghini car then we have you covered on our Fortnite homepage

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