Fortnite Project Nova: How To Play OG Fortnite In 2023

Fortnite Project Nova: How To Play OG Fortnite In 2023
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Coleman Hamstead


25th Jan 2023 11:21

Did you know that you can play OG Fortnite in 2023, thanks to Project Nova? Project Nova is for players that miss the golden age of Fortnite when it was all so simple. If you want to relive the glory days, download Fortnite Project Nova right now, and play OG Fortnite in 2023.

What Is Fortnite Project Nova?

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Fortnite Project Nova is a third-party, private multiplayer server where Fortnite fans can play OG Fortnite in 2023, as it was in Chapter 1. 

Experience nostalgia to the max as you drop out of the Battle Bus onto the OG map and its iconic POIs like Greasy Grove and Retail Row. Battle it out with long-lost weaponry like the Drum Gun and the Tactical Submachine Gun. Oh, and by the way, you can equip any Skin you want, even the classics like Renegade Raider!

Everything is just how you remember it with Project Nova.

Fortnite Project Nova: How To Play OG Fortnite In 2023

Thankfully, the developer of Project Nova has created an easy-to-follow tutorial video on how to download and play OG Fortnite with Project Nova. If you're not tech savvy, the process might be a little intimidating but follow the tutorial video to a tee, and you'll be able to play OG Fortnite in 2023 in no time!

If you're struggling to get Project Nova and OG Fortnite up and running, the Nova Discord features a support channel and a channel where you can create a ticket to request help. The Project Nova Discord contains plenty of admins and moderators that are more than willing to help newcomers.

Once you have Project Nova all situated and can boot up OG Fortnite with ease, all that's left is to join a match. When you're ready to play, check the Nova Discord server-uptime channel and wait for a message from the Nova Manager declaring that a server is up. You can react to the message in the reaction-roles channel in the Nova Discord to get a notification every time a match is about to begin!

When Nova Manager announces that a server is up, press "Play" in OG Fortnite to load into the match!

For many, Chapter 1 was the peak of Fortnite. Travel back in time and play OG Fortnite in 2023 with Project Nova.

If you're going back to Chapter 1, you'll want to master all the Fortnite building techniques.

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