Is Loki Coming To Fortnite?

Is Loki Coming To Fortnite?
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21st Jun 2021 16:36

There's mischief afoot, with continued claims Loki could be making his way into Fortnite during Chapter 2 Season 7. Eagle-eyed players already clocked a potential tease for the Trickster God toward the end of Chapter 2 Season 6, but so far, there's been no sign of the Marvel favourite.

Back then, many speculated Loki would be the next big crossover. However, as we jumped into the space-themed Season 7, Loki was mysteriously missing in action. While Rick and Morty's Rick Sanchez and Superman are great additions, do they really compare to the potential of Loki?

Is Loki coming to Fortnite?

At the time of writing, Loki isn't officially on the Fortnite horizon. The Season 6 tease definitely looked like the God of Mischief, so it seems strange the rumours have gone quiet. As with all good Fortnite leaks, expect Loki to be found in the update code long before he makes his debut. 

With each new season, we've come to expect a secret skin somewhere in the 100-tier Battle Pass. In the hunter-packed Chapter 2 Season 5, the Predator made its mark on Stealthy Stronghold, while Season 6 offered up Neymar. Some think Superman is the secret skin for Season 7, but given that we've been told he's coming straight out of the gate, it isn't exactly much of a surprise.

Also, let's remember that Loki is everywhere right now. Following his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for 2011's Thor, Tom Hiddleston has cemented himself as a complicated villain and sometimes ally of the Avengers. Fortnite's Marvel crossovers have typically included skins based on their comic book characters, but only recently, Epic has confirmed an MCU-inspired Thanos skin. Either way, Loki in Fortnite would be a massive MCU collaboration.

How to get Loki in Fortnite

There's a tonne of hype surrounding Kate Herron's Loki series, that finally gives Hiddleston his own spinoff after a decade of playing the character. As well as earning the honour of being the most popular live-action Marvel show to date, Loki also has the potential to span multiple seasons. Last season, there was a deal that bundled Disney+ with any in-game purchase using real-world money. 

Loki isn't yet confirmed to be part of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, and there's no word on who the secret Battle Pass skin will be. If the tormented trickster is going to join Fortnite, he could be part of a secret questline where players have to complete a series of missions to unlock his skin.

If there's the more traditional method of adding him to the shop, it's likely Loki would have his own in-game tournament and then be added to the shop at a later date. It's easy to imagine a Loki bundle that would feature variant styles of his look. As well as the horned version from the comics and the MCU, we've seen his Time Variance Authority agent look in Loki and there's a mysterious President Loki outfit that we're yet to see in the series.

There are just three episodes of Loki left, and to be honest, we can't think of a better way to round off the first season in style than by adding his skin to Fortnite. As with all things Loki, we expect there will be some pranks along the way. As it stands, the biggest joke here is that we're still left waiting for a flash of gold and green in the game. 


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