LEGO Fortnite tier list of all villagers, from Common to Legendary rarity

LEGO Fortnite tier list of all villagers, from Common to Legendary rarity
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23rd Apr 2024 13:50

LEGO Fortnite's villagers are a helpful bunch who willingly join you in your efforts. Whether you're exploring or building, these activities can be greatly aided by companions.

There are plenty of villagers that can appear in the game, so here is the full tier list ranked from Common to Legendary.

Full LEGO Fortnite villager tier list

Rank Villager (Biome)

Polar Peely (Frostlands)

Frozen Fishstick (Frostlands)

Crystal (Grasslands)

Blackheart (Shore)

Carl Reef (Shore)

Mazy (Dry Lands)

Calamity (Dry Lands)

Rustler (Dry Lands)


Yeti (Frostlands)

Fishstick (Any)

Lionbrand (Any)

Gus (Dry Lands)

Sawyer (Dry Lands)

Petra (Dry Lands)

Sally Sails (Shore)

Salty (Shore)


Peely (Any)

Beef Boss (Any)

Meowscles (Any)

Tabby (Any)

Rex (Dry Lands)

Raptor (Any)

Nugget (Dry Lands)

Flint (Dry Lands)

Slush (Frostlands)

Snow Cap (Frostlands)

Silas (Any)


Hayseed (Any)

Sunflower (Any)

Sparkplug (Any)

Sprocket (Any)

Aura (Any)

Dana (Any)

Roan (Any)

Robin (Any)

Skye (Any)

Otis (Any)

Blue Squire (Any)

The only villagers left off of this list are Brite Bomber and Cuddle Team Leader, as these two are available from the start and do not need to be recruited.

From Common to Rare, these villagers have a chance of visiting your village that drops considerably, meaning Rare villagers are genuinely very rare. Legendary villagers do not visit at all, instead, they appear randomly out in the world and must be found and recruited.

Which villagers should you recruit?

Villagers in LEGO Fortnite working on a farm
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It goes without saying that Legendary villagers are generally much better than Rare villagers, Rare in turn being better than Uncommon, and so on. That said, most higher-level villagers appear only in certain biomes, which will influence your decisions.

Ultimately, the main thing you should focus on is what your villagers are good at. Most villagers have a speciality; Hayseed is a farmer so he is best used for farming, Skye is an adventurer meaning she is best suited to finding gems.

These specialities can be really useful. Using Hayseed as our example, if you have a farm and send him to work on it, he can bring back extra food on top of what is already there. Wherever possible, assign your villagers to the things they are best at.

If you're not sure what their speciality is, you can find out by talking to them. It might take a few tries, but if you keep speaking to them and choosing 'I'm here to chat!', you should get some clue as to what they are best at. They might be good at gathering resources, adventuring and fighting monsters, or they might be an all-rounder who is capable at any job.

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That's it for our rundown of the villagers you can recruit in the game. For more, head to our Fortnite homepage where we have guides on whether you can have multiple villages, how to increase your village rating, how to build a car, and even the upcoming Fortnite X Star Wars crossover.

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