Fnatic Loeya on her Twitch career, Fortnite’s new season and life as a content creator for the org

Fnatic Loeya on her Twitch career, Fortnite’s new season and life as a content creator for the org
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8th Mar 2023 15:01

Loeya is a Fortnite content creator for Fnatic, the number one esports organisation in the world. Fnatic Loeya is one of the top female Fortnite players in the world - so GGRecon were lucky enough to sit down with her, catch up on all things Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 and find out how she’s finding life with the org.


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Hi Loeya! Thank you so much for joining us today. How are you?!

You’re welcome, and thank you for the interview! I’m great thanks, hope you’re well too!

I’m great thank you! So you’ve been a content creator with Fnatic since 2021. How has the org helped shape you as a professional?

One of the biggest things is that they [Fnatic] have helped me so much to navigate this space and learn more about not only content creation and streaming but everything else that happens behind the scenes. They always give me so much support. If I come up with an idea, Fnatic always have great responses and feedback to help me look at it in different ways to improve it!

What’s the defining moment of your career so far to you?

I would say I have two. The first - was probably when I realised that I could pursue content creation full-time. That was definitely a point when I was like ‘oh wow, this is something serious’. The second was when Fnatic reached out and was like ‘We want you on the squad!’ Growing up and living in Sweden, you know Fnatic - especially if you’re into gaming and for all the accomplishments in gaming and Counter-Strike so to have them reach out I was just [shows excitement and shock] Ahh!!!! It’s really cool to be part of an org that I looked up to and cheered for even prior to being part of it, it’s very surreal!

Female representation in gaming is on the up, but as someone who works in the industry every day, what could be done by platforms/publishers to encourage more visibility?

The biggest thing is, as far as Twitch goes, is that they could put more female talent in their rotation, and just in general - putting more females on the front page would be helpful to push traffic over there to give them a chance. 

Could news publications and general gaming media be doing more to encourage more visibility for female content creators?

I believe that the more we do things like this [the interview] girls will see this and want to jump in and play. When I first started streaming, it was more of a taboo thing. People were like, ‘Oh, a girl is playing?’ etc., and the more girls that get into this space, that idea kind of gets ‘torn down’ I feel sometimes people can gatekeep a bit. It’s almost like, “I like this thing, and now that you like this thing, it’s almost less special”, and it used to be very negative about it. People just need to stop gatekeeping and let people from doing things that they want to do! 

For me, one of the reasons I’ve loved orgs so much, especially Fnatic, is that it’s such a family, and I’ve always wanted to be part of something that was bigger than myself. It’s nice, too, because I really enjoy being a part of cheering for Fnatic in tournaments, sharing the memes on Twitter, and just being part of Fnatic. 

In the five years you’ve been on Twitch, how has it evolved for you and your streaming career?

I think when I started, I started because I thought it was so cool that people could share their experiences playing games, I remember actually watching people that were playing scary games, and I thought it was so cool that one person could be playing a game and other people could sit back and experience the game with you.

That really encouraged me to start streaming because I’d just started playing Counter-Strike and I thought that was such a great way not only to get to connect with other people but also get their input on my gameplay and learn tips and tricks and stuff. Initially, I started for fun right, and then a little bit into it, it turned into what it is now which is a full-time job. I think as far as the space goes, when I started there weren’t really a lot of female streamers out there. There were a couple that I looked up to and now it’s a lot more mainstream and there are a lot more people, and a lot more girls playing which is so cool to see! 

Do you feel you’ve learned more from having more female streamers join you on their content creation journey?

Absolutely, I love having more collaborative women in the space. It’s gone from the feeling of pitting people against each other - especially for girls, it always used to feel like a competition and that it was about ‘tearing each other down’, and now it’s a lot more about girls supporting girls, and doing more things together. Now, if someone was like, ‘Hey girl, you suck!’ all the other women would be like, ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! [and jump in to support]. That’s been such a positive development that I like about the evolution of my time as a streamer. 

What games do you play in your spare time that are just for you and not for streaming?

So most games I play off-stream are single-player open-world games, kinda chill games like I’m obsessed with Stardew Valley. I love it; I haven’t played it since it was released - I think it’s been out 7 years. But I’ve recently started playing it, and I’ve loved it. Games also like Skyrim I enjoy and Witcher 3!

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you’d like to tease for your Loeyalists? 

I have a birthday stream coming up! That’s pretty exciting, it’s the day before IWD too.

Well, I’m manifesting a Fortnite Icon Series skin announcement this year for you…

Oh my god, I would love that! Haha, you know, [Epic Games], I’m down anytime. 

Is there anything you’re going to miss when the new season comes out (if Fortnite takes it out of the game?)

I’ll definitely miss the hammer if they don’t keep it, I’ve definitely become quite fond of the Red Eye - I very much enjoy guns that allow me to just aim and tap and not necessarily spray because I come from a background of Counter-Strike and in that game it’s like, the moment you walk, the bullet is just like (points to the back) over there instead.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to start their streaming/content creation career in 2023?

I’d say my biggest and maybe the best advice is that if you want to create content and maybe start doing this full-time, make sure that you post your content wherever you can. I see a lot of people that want to start streaming full-time, but they only stream on Twitch or YouTube, and then it doesn’t turn into something -  you NEED to be on platforms like TikTok, and YouTube to post shorts or videos because the more places you post your content, the more chances someone will find it and enjoy it and become part of your community! 

Definitely focus on trying to post a bit of your content everywhere and, in general, just have fun with it because, at the end of the day, motivation can only do so much, and you’re really going to have to like it if you’re going to want to pursue it full-time. There’s a lot more to it than just clicking a button to start streaming, but if you want to make it happen - you will. 

For more of the interview, you can find a full version above on our official YouTube channel GGRecon Gaming, which includes more about Loeya’s favourite Fortnite loadouts, what she’ll miss about Chapter 4 Season 1, and what she’s most looking forward to about the upcoming Fortnite Season.

Loeya is a Fortnite content creator for Fnatic, the number one esports organisation in the world. She is also one of the top female Fortnite streamers in the world right now.

You can find FNATIC Loeya streaming most days on Twitch, or you can follow her on her other social platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter and TikTok. If you want to also keep up to date with FNATIC, you can find them on social media, or by visiting their official website!

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