Bugha's Fortnite appearance has got fans talking

Bugha's Fortnite appearance has got fans talking
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Mackenzie O Brien


23rd Jul 2021 14:51

Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf took the world by surprise in 2019 when he won the first Fortnite World Cup. Since then, Bugha has become a name synonymous with Fortnite success.

He won this prestigious title when he was only 15 years old, which made him even more of a legend in the Fortnite community. His big win made him an inspiration to players around the world, inspiring a new generation of young esports professionals to take to the stage.

Bugha also made history during this week's Icon Series release. He is the first Fortnite professional to receive a skin in the game. Before Bugha's in-game release, only influencers and streamers had been featured by Fortnite's Icon Series.

This makes Bugha's Icon Series appearance even more iconic in the eyes of fans. Fortnite's choice for their first esports professional Icon Series set was a good one.

In their press release regarding the release, Epic Games stated that their choice of Bugha was fitting because he is a "World Cup Solo Champion, Content Creator, and a core member of the community."

This decision has positively impacted the community, as many on social media believe Bugha has played a beneficial role in the Fortnite community as a whole.

A positive change for the Fortnite community

The consensus on Twitter is that Bugha is an icon that many people look up to online and in real life. The young player has become a Fortnite success story, which has brought many positive discussions to light.

On Twitter, many fans are thanking Bugha for his commitment to the game, even with some backlash over the years. While many professionals have left the scene over the years, Bugha has stood as a pillar in the community, which has led many people to look up to him.

Bugha's impact can be seen from all areas of the esports community. His success has had incredible reach across different esports communities since many people were awestruck by his World Cup success. Since his victory, esports fans from all areas have respected Bugha and his professional career.

Nowadays, Bugha plays for the Sentinels, a highly reputable esports organisation. Bugha has been a Sentinels member since his World Cup win in 2019. The team announced his appearance in Fortnite with a press release on Tuesday, which was met with positivity.

When's the next Fortnite World Cup?

Besides the obvious memes and jokes on Twitter, many fans were upset by Epic Games' lack of communication regarding the second instalment of the Fortnite World Cup.

Bugha's Icon Series appearance brought this matter to the forefront of many fans' attention since the skin was released to commemorate the second anniversary of his win.

Many people thought the skin release was nice, but not exactly on par with what they were expecting. Fans flocked to Twitter to voice their disappointment and confusion.

Epic has cancelled both the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Fortnite World Cup, due to concerns about mass gatherings amid the coronavirus lockdowns. Many fans were upset with this decision, as 2020 and 2021's lockdown efforts caused many other event cancellations in the gaming community.

The Fortnite community reacts

Fans were upset with Epic Games' decision not to host the event online, a decision that was made to circumvent cheating. Fortnite's online competitions can, unfortunately, be manipulated by cheating, even with Easy Anti-Cheat, the game's anti-cheating client.

Players are still able to bypass these measures, resulting in unfair wins and unrealistic in-game performances. Sometimes, these cheaters are difficult to catch, which can cheat hardworking professionals out of a well-earned victory.

This is perhaps the biggest reason that Fortnite fans did not see an online Fortnite World Cup this year, as cheating is difficult to prevent online.

The Fortnite community is uncertain when the next iteration of the game's most popular event will occur. These fans took to Twitter to air out their frustrations, posting their quips and questions on Bugha and Epic Games' respective announcement posts.

The general consensus

While many people are upset about Fortnite's most-anticipated event being cancelled, most fans seemed supportive of Bugha's in-game appearance.

The appearance of his dog, Zoey, in-game was also a big hit, which compelled many fans to post pictures of their dogs as well.

Despite the uncertainty about when Fortnite's most popular event would make a return, it was nice to see the Fortnite community celebrating the new in-game release. Many fans are excited for the changes Bugha's appearance in-game will bring to the world of Fortnite.

People are excited to see what other creators and professionals will make their way into the game after Bugha. Many felt that his appearance levelled the playing field for Icon Series choices, with many players hoping for more local legends to enter the in-game universe.

With spirits seemingly higher than ever, the Fortnite community is looking up since Bugha's appearance in-game. Fans have a lot to look forward to, and hopefully, that includes another shot at the Fortnite World Cup.


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