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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
award-nominated editorial team

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Fortnite Omni Chips | How To Reprogram Omni Sword With Omni Chips - Week 8 Omni Chip Locations

Fortnite Omni Chips | How To Reprogram Omni Sword With Omni Chips - Week 8 Omni Chip Locations
Epic Games

Written by 

Coleman Hamstead


2nd May 2022 15:00

Fortnite Omni Chips are a resource/currency brand-new with Chapter 3 Season 2. By fusing Omni Chips with the Omni Sword, you can create a one-of-a-kind Fortnite Harvesting Tool designed to your satisfaction. This guide will teach you all about Fortnite Omni Chips, the Omni Sword, and how to complete the Omni Sword Quests — all updated to include the latest Omni Chip locations.

  • Check out our guide to the Fortnite Prowler to see how you can get your hands on the latest Marvel villain to hit the game.

Fortnite Omni Chips: What Is The Omni Sword?


The Omni Sword is a fully customisable Harvesting Tool featured in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass. The Omni Sword is on Page 1 of the Battle Pass and costs seven Fortnite Battle Stars to unlock.

Once unlocked, you'll gain access to the Omni Sword Quests. Each week, a new set of Omni Sword Quests will be released.

Fortnite Omni Chips: What Are Omni Chips?


Fortnite Omni Chips are the reward for completing Omni Sword Quests. Omni Chips function in the same way as Color Bottles from a couple of seasons ago. Collect enough Omni Chips and you can redeem them to customise the blades, guards, colours, and sounds of the Omni Sword. In total, there are 14 blade styles, seven guards, 14 colours, and seven sounds.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Omni Sword Quests

The Omni Sword Quests task players with visiting specific locations on the Fortnite Island and hunting down Omni Chips. Three new Omni Sword Quests will be introduced each week and the challenges are available to complete at any time throughout Chapter 3 Season 2. Each point of interest (POI) or Landmark mentioned in the Omni Sword Quests houses three Omni Chips. Also, you can earn additional Omni Chips by completing Season Quests.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 8 Locations

Eight weeks in, there are now a total of 72 Fortnite Omni Chips available to collect. This week, we'll add to our collection with trips to The Joneses, Shell or High Water, and Coney Crossroads.

Fortnite Omni Chips: The Joneses

Home to a variety of Jonesey-based NPCs, The Joneses has three new Omni Chips in its midst.


There is a small pond on the west end of The Joneses. At the end of the dock, you'll find an Omni Chip.


Making our way toward the centre of The Joneses, there is a second Omni Chip underneath an upside-down boat.


Finally, in the basement of the large green shack in the middle of The Joneses, is an Omni Chip inside an open jail cell.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Shell Or High Water

Shell or High Water is a Landmark north of Shifty Shafts and north-east of Logjam Lumberyard. This location features a lavish mansion property highlighted by a pristine hedge maze.


Look for one Shell or High Water Omni Chip next to the campfire and some lawn chairs.


Inside the luxurious house is an Omni Chip at the top of the living room stairs.


Navigate through the hedge maze and you'll come across an Omni Chip toward the northern end of the maze. Right next to the Omni Chip is one of the Fortnite Omega Knight Level Up Tokens.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Coney Crossroads

A centrepiece of the ongoing Fortnite territorial conflict, Coney Crossroads got its name from the fact that three different roads pass through it.


Starting at the eastern entrance to Coney Crossroads, there is a Fortnite Omni Chip in the centre of the auto body shop beside the gas station.


Atop the SoFDeeZ ice cream parlour between the outdoor picnic tables is another Coney Crossroads Omni Chip.


Back behind the garden centre in the south-west corner of Coney Crossroads is an Omni Chip floating above a fountain.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 7 Locations

Collecting the Week 7 Omni Chips will take us on a journey across a wide variety of locales. We'll need to make stops at Cuddle Cruisers, Sleepy Sound, and Command Cavern on our way to gathering up nine new Fortnite Omni Chips.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Cuddle Cruisers

Cuddle Cruisers is a Landmark east of The Daily Bugle. This location is a small island off the coast of the primary Artemis island. 


You can find the first Cuddle Cruisers Omni Chip at the end of the dirt path out in front of the fancy restaurant. The Omni Chip rests beside the zipline that connects Cuddle Cruisers to the main Fortnite Island.


Another Week 7 Fortnite Omni Chip floats atop the Cuddle Cruisers restaurant establishment.


Grab the last Cuddle Cruisers Omni Chip out on the back cement dock overlooking the Daily Rubble Landmark.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Sleepy Sound

The coastal town of Sleepy Sound is where you'll need to go to collect another set of Week 7 Fortnite Omni Chips.


Begin your search on the southern end of Sleepy Sound. The parking lot of the motel is where you'll find the first Omni Chip.


On the northern side of Sleepy Sound, there's a red house across the water from one of the Fortnite Gas Stations. On the back covered dock is where another Week 7 Omni Chip sits.


On the far north end of Sleepy Sound, there's a single dock extending out from the rocky shore. Here is where you can collect this location's third and final Omni Chip.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Command Cavern

Command Cavern — headquarters of the Imagined Order faction — holds three Omni Chips in its perimeters. All of the Command Cavern Omni Chips are inside the interior cavern area.


Inside Command Cavern, toward the west, is a space that serves as housing for IO Guards. Here you'll find bunk beds, lockers, showers, and a gym. An Omni Chip is up on a second-floor balcony right in front of a massive engraving of the Imagined Order logo.


A second Command Cavern Omni Chip is situated right in front of the entrance to the Command Cavern Vault. The Vault is inside the giant centre complex in the middle of Command Cavern. If you can manage to defeat Gunnar and get the Command Cavern Key Card, it will lead you straight to this Omni Chip.


The final Omni Chip at Command Cavern is the most secluded of all the Week 7 Omni Chips. On the eastern side of the cavern, to the right of an IO drill, is a tiny entranceway. Go inside and take the first left and you'll come across the Omni Chip next to a bunch of rocks and an IO Supply Chest.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 6 Locations 

As we track down week after week of Omni Chips, the POIs and Landmarks they call home become more remote and obscure. This week, the Omni Chips are all relegated to Landmarks you may have never heard of. You won't find any of these locations labelled on the map, so make sure you know where you're headed before you set out to collect the Week 6 Omni Chips.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Seven Outpost II

Seven Outpost II is one of six Seven Outpost Landmarks that currently exist on the Island. Seven Outpost II is located in the mountains north-west of Logjam Lumberyard.


As you near Seven Outpost II, a bright red Omni Chip on the snowy mountain top west of the outpost should catch your eye.


Another Seven Outpost II Omni Chip hovers atop the bridge connecting the outpost buildings.


Enter inside the eastern building and you'll come across the last Omni Chip in the central lounge room. One of the Fortnite Vault locations is in the room directly underneath this.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Crispy Crater

Like all of the Week 6 Omni Chip destination locations, Crispy Crater is only a Landmark, and thus, it's missing a label on map. You can find Crispy Crater south-west of Greasy Grove. As the name suggests, Crispy Crater consists of bunches of fresh craters and leftover debris.


There is not much left of substance at Crispy Crater. Inside the remains of what used to be a building for The Seven is an Omni Chip.


Sitting in the furthest north crater at Crispy Crater is another Omni Chip to collect.


The final Crispy Crater Omni Chip is in a crater on the east side of the Landmark by a line of trees and bushes. This crater is littered with various crates and a flatbed.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Tumbledown Temple

Not to be confused with The Temple, Tumbledown Temple is yet another temple-themed Fortnite Landmark. Tumbledown Temple sits in a valley west of The Joneses. The area surrounding Tumbletown Temple is a mixture of swamp and jungle terrain.


Approach Tumbledown Temple from the west and you'll run into an Omni Chip on the walkway leading to the temple.


A Tumbledown Temple Omni Chip sits high up in a room at the top centre peak of the temple.


Collect the last Omni Chip of Week 6 in a large, partially exposed room on the south end of the Tumbledown Temple Landmark.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 5 Locations 

Week 5 of the Fortnite Omni Chips takes us on a tour around the Island. This week, we'll take a trip to locales within the Desert, Mountains, and Tropical Biomes.

The three locations sporting Omni Chips in Week 5 include Rocky Reels, Launchpad, and Shifty Shafts.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Rocky Reels (3)

Rocky Reels is the spiritual successor to Risky Reels from Chapters 1 and 2. This major point of interest contains three Omni Chips within its perimeters.


Rocky Reels is a drive-in movie theatre with an assortment of amenities. You'll find one Omni Chip under the ice cream parlour's sign north of the Reboot Van.


A second Rocky Reels Omni Chip floats above the giant cinema screen situated on the west side of the POI.


Look for the third and final Rocky Reels Omni Chip on the ground floor of the arcade. The arcade is near the entrance to Rocky Reels and beside the huge Rocky Reels Drive-In Theatre sign.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Launchpad (3)

Launchpad is a Landmark, so it isn't labelled on the map. You'll find this location in the gulf east of Sanctuary. Launchpad is the largest island in the vicinity and is shaped like a triangle.


A Fortnite Omni Chip sits above an isolated circular platform at the western corner of the Launchpad Landmark.


The southern corner of Launchpad features a two-story Seven building. The Omni Chip hovers over a piece of red tapestry above the front door.


On the far north side of Launchpad are two buildings connected. Under the archway that connects the buildings sits the final Launchpad Omni Chip. The Visitor NPC patrols this same facility.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Shifty Shafts (3)

The Shifty Shafts POI has come and gone from Fortnite dating back to Chapter 1 Season 2. There are three Omni Chips to collect at this iconic Fortnite location.


There is a Fortnite Omni Chip at the end of a set of broken railway tracks at the north-east corner of Shifty Shafts.


In the underground mine section of Shifty Shafts, there is an Omni Chip positioned along the railway tracks. The Omni Chip is on the tracks north of the Reboot Van — there is no roof above the chip.


At the far west side of Shifty Shafts, there is a covered entryway into the underground mine. The last Shifty Shafts Omni Chip is underneath the steps leading into the mine.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 4 Locations

The Week 4 Fortnite Omni Chips are scattered around The Daily Bugle, Condo Canyon, and Windbreakers. The Daily Bugle and Condo Canyon are contested territories in the conflict between the Imagined Order and The Seven, while Windbreakers is a remote Landmark untouched by war.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at The Daily Bugle (3)

We learned how to help The Seven reclaim The Daily Bugle in Fortnite, and now this POI is entirely under The Resistance's control. With the Imagined Order forces cleared out, we can enter the city and safely excavate its Omni Chips.


Make your way to the roof of the main Daily Bugle Building and you'll find an Omni Chip behind the Daily Bugle sign.


Just inside the southern entrance to The Daily Bugle is a tall rock pillar. A Fortnite Omni Chip sits atop this rock column, next to one of the Fortnite Ziplines.


The final Omni Chip is hidden between two bookshelves on the ground floor of the apartment building in the north-east corner of The Daily Bugle. Look for the McGuffins library sign outside of the building.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Condo Canyon (3)

Condo Canyon is currently under attack by The Resistance forces, so collecting these Omni Chips might be a bit more strenuous than usual. All three of the Condo Canyon Omni Chips are set up around the southern half of the POI.


Go on a shopping spree at Condo Plaza and you'll come across an Omni Chip floating over the landscaping in the centre.


Straight across from Condo Plaza is a second Fortnite Omni Chip under the roof of the parking booth. This area is just to the north of the Condo Canyon Reboot Van.


A third Condo Canyon Omni Chip is relaxing by the Classy Condos pool in Condo Canyon. The Omni Chip is resting above the tropical-themed island in the middle of the pool.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Windbreakers (3)

The Windbreakers Landmark is on a separate mini-island in the south-west corner of the map. You'll find Windbreakers west of Synapse Station and south-west of Greasy Grove.

This Fortnite location may be out of the way, but the Omni Chips here are served up on a silver platter.


Head toward the south-easternmost wind turbine and focus your attention on the zipline that runs from the ground to the top of the turbine. All three of the Windbreakers Omni Chips are suspended along this zipline.


Take a ride on the zipline and you'll collect all three Omni Chips in one swift go.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 3 Locations

On the hunt for the Week 3 Omni Chips, you'll need to take a trip to Camp Cuddle, Sanctuary, and Synapse Station.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Camp Cuddle (3)

The Camp Cuddle Omni Chips are spread out pretty evenly across the POI. Below, you'll find the exact location of all three Omni Chips at Camp Cuddle:


One of the Camp Cuddle Omni Chips is hidden inside the large log cabin up on the hill on the southern end of Camp Cuddle. The Omni Chip is on the ground floor in front of some red couches and next to a TV.


You'll find another Omni Chip floating out on the Camp Cuddle dock, south of the coloured cabins and the bonfire.


The last Camp Cuddle Omni Chip is on the pathway under the pink-painted bridge next to the Cuddle Team Leader cabin.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Sanctuary (3)

Sanctuary is a rather large Fortnite POI, and the Omni Chips here aren't exactly out in plain sight. You'll need a sharp eye to catch these three Omni Chips.


The first Fortnite Omni Chip at Sanctuary is under an archway in the POIs southernmost building complex. The Omni Chip is in front of a Donation Station.


A second Sanctuary Omni Chip is on the second-floor balcony of the location's central building. This building is the most substantial one at Sanctuary and is home to one of the Fortnite NPC locations —The Foundation.


You'll find the final Sanctuary Omni Chip in the corner of the outdoor market on the north side of the POI. The area can be identified by looking out for a sizable palm tree stationed in the centre.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Synapse Station (3)

The location where they forge the new and improved Fortnite Battle Bus, Synapse Station also hosts three Week 3 Fortnite Omni Chips. Here's where to seek out the Synapse Station Omni Chips:


You can't miss this first Synapse Station Omni Chip. It's wedged between the frame of the towering door on the north side of the Armoured Battle Bus factory in the middle of Synapse Station.


A second Omni Chip is floating above some pipes and a valve atop a bridge connecting two structures in the middle of the pond at Synapse Station.


At the northern entrance to Synapse Station stands two nearly symmetrical buildings connected by a bridge in the centre. The last Omni Chip is on the balcony of the building to the west, overlooking the pond.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 2 Locations

As will be the case all season, Week 2 features nine collectable Omni Chips spread out across three different Fortnite locations. Each location contains three Omni Chips on its premises.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at The Temple (3)

The Temple is defined by the three pyramid-like structures that decorate the landmark. Conveniently enough, all three of the Fortnite Omni Chips at The Temple sit atop the location's three primary pyramids. You can find The Temple just north-east of The Daily Bugle.


Look for the first Fortnite Omni Chip atop the small pyramid on the west side of The Temple.


A second Omni Chip rests at the peak of the main pyramid in the centre of the landmark.


The final Omni Chip at The Temple is on top of the northmost pyramid.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Chonker's Speedway (3)

Fitting with the theme of Chonker's Speedway, all three of the Omni Chips at this point of interest are divided out across the speedway racetrack.


One Omni Chip floats above the wooden planks that lead to the impressive rock ramp over the centre of Chonker's Speedway.


Cross the gap and you'll run into a second Omni Chip along the north-western part of the speedway.


A third Omni Chip is stationed under the yellow bridge where the races begin. Travel a few metres forward of where all of the Whiplashes are lined up and you'll encounter this Chonker's Speedway Omni Chip.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Loot Lake (3)

Perhaps the smoothest set of Omni Chips you'll collect all season, the Omni Chips at Loot Lake are all near the tiny island in the centre of the landmark. You'll find Loot Lake north of Fortnite Tilted Towers, east of The Fortress, and west of Coney Crossroads.


One of the Loot Lake Omni Chips sits in the water east of the centre isle.


North of the small, central island, you'll spot another Omni Chip floating over the still water.


Like the other two, the third Omni Chip hovers just off the coast of the island in the middle of Loot Lake. This particular Omni Chip is in the water to the west.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Week 1 Locations

Kicking off Chapter 3 Season 2, we have nine total Omni Chips to collect. The Omni Chips are distributed evenly across Mighty Monument, Logjam Lumberyard, and Greasy Grove.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Mighty Monument (3)


You'll find one Mighty Monument Omni Chip on a dock out in front of the ruined statue of The Foundation.


Another Omni Chip rests on a sandbar behind The Foundation's statue, beside the decapitated stone head.


The last Omni Chip is in the water under the massive rock to the left of the centre monument.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips At Logjam Lumberyard (3)


The first Logjam Lumberyard Omni Chip is hidden in the lumberyard with all of the piles of logs. The Omni Chip is between three stacks of lumber by the water.


A second Omni Chip is on the east side of the POI in the sheds that store wood planks. You'll find the Omni Chip sitting amongst the planks in the centre shed.


The final Omni Chip at Logjam Lumberyard is tucked away in a utility closet inside the north factory building. The closet is on the first floor under a staircase.

Fortnite Omni Chips: Collect Omni Chips at Greasy Grove (3)


Look for the first Greasy Grove Omni Chip under the patio on the far east side of Greasy Grove. The patio is south of the basketball court.


One Omni Chip is sitting in the middle of the street in front of the Tacos restaurant.


The third Greasy Grove Omni Chip is inside the Tacos restaurant in the dining area.

And with that, you should be up-to-date on the Omni Sword and Omni Chips. Use this guide to collect all of the Omni Chips and handcraft the Omni Sword to your liking. We'll update this guide as more Omni Chips appear across the Fortnite Island.

Have a glance at the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 patch notes for a breakdown of everything that makes up the new season.


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