How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite

How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite
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Coleman Hamstead


8th Sep 2022 13:36

It's not common knowledge, but you can actually extinguish fires on structures with Slurp in Fortnite. Thanks to Fire with Fire Week, Fortnite has been set aflame, and fire is everywhere. If you're willing to provide aid and learn how to extinguish fires on structures with Slurp in Fortnite, you'll be rewarded in the form of XP.

How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite: Where To Find Slurp

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To extinguish fires on structures in Fortnite, you need Slurp. However, not just any form of Slurp will do. This job will require employing a Chug Cannon, Chug Splashes, or a Shield Keg, as these are the only items able to disperse Slurp in Fortnite.

For the duration of Fire with Fire Week, all these Slurp devices, including the Exotic Chug Cannon, are available in Chests, Floor Loot, and Supply Llamas. But, finding these items out in the wild will come down to luck. So, the most reliable way to get your hands on some Slurp is to purchase it from a Non-Player Character (NPC) outright.

  • Chug Cannon: Kyle at The Chop Shop north-east of Logjam Junction will sell you a Chug Cannon for 600 Gold Bars
  • Chug Splashes: Evie hangs out at Syndicate Shoals and sells Chug Splashes for a mere 96 Gold Bars a stack.

  • Shield Keg: Guaco resides in the remnants of the Tacos restaurant at Greasy Grove and offers Shield Kegs for 250 Gold Bars a pop.

While it's the most expensive Slurp dispenser, the Chug Cannon is far and away the best tool for the job. The Chug Cannon features unlimited ammunition, is more precise, and has more range than Chug Splashes or Shield Kegs. Considering that you'll need to extinguish fires on 100 structures to complete this Quest, it's worth investing in a Chug Cannon over the alternatives.

How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite: How To Ignite Structures

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Fire with Fire Week is live until September 13, 2022, at 2pm BST, and it's never been easier to ignite structures in Fortnite. Primal Flame Bows, the Dragon’s Breath Shotguns, and Firefly Jars are more prevalent than ever, but these items aren't the only ones that can set structures ablaze in Chapter 3 Season 3. Gas Cans and exploding cars, trucks, boats, and gas pumps can also ignite structures.

Keep in mind that not every structure in Fortnite is flammable. Metal and stone structures are immune to fire damage and cannot be ignited. Only wooden structures and objects in the environment, like bushes and trees, can catch on fire, but the latter barely count as structures. With that, player-crafted Wood buildings and prebuilt houses are the top targets for this Challenge. 

How To Extinguish Fires On Structures With Slurp In Fortnite

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To extinguish fires on structures in Fortnite, you'll need to douse a burning structure with Slurp. It doesn't matter if you ignited the structure or someone else did — just put it out. This Fire with Fire Challenge requires that you extinguish 100 fires on structures.

If you purchase a Chug Cannon from Kyle at The Chop Shop as we suggested, you can then head toward Logjam Junction to find all sorts of structures just waiting to be ignited. Along the way, search Chests and Floor Loot for items that can cause fires. Chances are that you'll find something without much of an issue.

Finally, unleash your inner pyromaniac and begin burning every flammable structure in sight. With the area around you roaring with flames, pull out the Chug Cannon and soak the fire with Slurp. For fulfilling your firefighter duties, you'll net 12K XP toward the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass and your Season Level.

Fire with Fire Week is only part of the Fortnite patch notes for update v21.51.

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