Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Exotic And Mythic Weapon Locations

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Exotic And Mythic Weapon Locations
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13th Dec 2022 16:28

Learning all of the Fortnite Exotic and Mythic weapon locations is crucial to maximising the strength of your arsenal. These potent Fortnite firearms are immensely powerful — and very fun to use. With that said, it's about time you're informed of all the Fortnite Exotic and Mythic weapon locations in Chapter 4 Season 1.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Exotic Weapon Locations

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 features six unique Exotic weapons, all with their own gimmicks. Here's how and where to acquire them:

The Dub

The Dub is a Double Barrel Shotgun possessing the pushback traits of a Flint-Knock Pistol. The Dub is sold at Anvil Square by Surrr Burger for 600 Gold Bars.

Shadow Tracker

The Shadow Tracker is an amped-up version of the Silenced Pistol. Fortnite Evie at Shore Shack has this Exotic weapon for the sale price of 450 Gold Bars.

Chug Cannon

The Chug Cannon is essentially a Bandage Bazooka that uses Slurp as ammunition. The Chug Cannon regenerates ammo in perpetuity and can be used to heal yourself, your allies, or enemies. 

Sunflower at Frenzy Fields sells the Chug Cannon for 600 Gold Bars, but you can also find the Chug Cannon inside Loot Llamas.

Chilli Chug Splash

The Chili Chug Splash is a Chug Splash infused with Pepper-like qualities. Consuming a Chili Chug Splash will heal you for 20 Health and provide a temporary Speed Boost. 

Frozen Fishstick at Icy Islets sells Chili Chug Splashes for 250 Gold Bars, but like the Chug Cannon, Chili Chug Splashes are also available in Supply Llamas.

Unstable Bow

The Unstable Bow turns into a different type of Bow after each shot. So, you could end up with a Primal Flame Bow, Primal Stink Bow, Mechanical Explosive Bow or Mechanical Shockwave Bow. 

Wild Card at Shattered Slabs offers the Unstable Bow for 500 Gold Bars.

Grappler Bow

The Grappler Bow is a two-in-one Grappler and Bow. You can use the dynamic Grappler Bow to traverse the Island and transcend to the tops of structures in an instant, or as a high-powered weapon to wield against enemies.

Princess Felicity Fish at Western Watch stocks the Grappler Bow and will sell it to you for 500 Gold Bars.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 Mythic Weapon Locations

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Chapter 3 featured Mythic weapons in abundance, but for now, there's only one Mythic weapon in Chapter 4 Season 1 — the Mythic Fortnite Ex-Caliber Rifle.

To acquire this all-mighty Mythic, you must defeat Fortnite The Ageless Champion. This Snapshot of Geno rules over the Oathbound Empire from his throne at The Citadel.

That concludes the list of all Fortnite Exotic and Mythic weapon locations in Chapter 4 Season 1. Look out for more Exotic and Mythic weapons as Chapter 4 develops. 

Getting your hands on Exotic and Mythic weapons can be tedious, but their power is enough to sway the tides of battle.

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