How to find vaults & their keys in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

How to find vaults & their keys in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4
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19th Sep 2022 17:00

With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 now upon us, the map has changed with a ton of new features. Whether it be the use of the mysterious chrome substance overtaking the land or the various new weapons, there’s something new for everyone in Fortnite. However, one of the most significant new additions comes in the form of vaults that have appeared across the map, each offering a ton of rewards for daring groups.

Where to find Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

For anyone familiar with previous seasons of Fortnite, vaults aren’t something particularly new. What is new is the sheer amount of them and the new methods players need to go about to unlock them.

With such an extensive map to explore, finding your nearest one can be a bit of a pain. Thankfully, you can see the locations of every vault below.

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  1. Northeast of Logjam Junction atop the mountains (1 key required)
  2. Inside the blimp next to Rave Cave (2 keys required)
  3. South of Rave Cave (1 key required)
  4. West of Rave Cave (1 key required)
  5. West of Coney Crossroads, directly across the river (1 key required)
  6. Inside the floating pirate ship at Lustrous Lagoon (2 keys required)
  7. Northeast of Lustrous Lagoon (1 key required)
  8. At the bottom of the parking garage in Tilted Towers (2 keys required)
  9. South-west of Titled Towers (1 key required)
  10. Far east of Greasy Grove (1 key required)
  11. Near the petrol station between Titled Towers and Shimmering Shrine (1 key required)
  12. On an island on the east side of the map near Fort Jonesy (1 key required)
  13. North of Cloudy Condos (2 keys required)
  14. West of Chonker’s Speedway (1 key required)
  15. South of Cloudy Condos (1 key required)

Where to find keys in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Previously, it simply required a full team to stand in front of the vault to gain access, but now things are a bit different. Instead of simply strolling up, players will need to pick up keys across the map. Some vaults may only require one, whilst others will ask for two different sets. The more keys needed, the better the loot will be.

But where can you find the keys that are required? Unfortunately, there’s no set location, and instead, players will simply find them scattered throughout the map. This may come in the form of looting chests or simply finding them as randomized pieces of loot throughout the newly updated Fortnite map.

Players are able to stack up to four keys, meaning for a lot of situations, only one of your team will need to be in charge of handling the opening of a vault. Just be sure to keep them well-defended, as another team can swoop in for the kill and take all the keys for themselves.

If you’re struggling to find keys across the map and are seeking a more surefire way of securing entry to a vault, waiting near any of the locations listed is also an option. With this you run into the opportunity of taking down another team on their way to secure the vault's goodies, although it’s worth mentioning, this is not guaranteed as other squads may not appear.

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