How To Destroy Chrome Objects And Gain Anomalies In Fortnite

How To Destroy Chrome Objects And Gain Anomalies In Fortnite
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Daniel Hollis


20th Sep 2022 12:47

Chrome is taking over Fortnite island, and players are discovering an array of new ways to play the game. From teleporting through Chrome buildings to levelling up Chrome weapons - the Fortnite island is changing. As players work their way through the sets of new quests to push their way through this season’s battle pass, tasks such as destroying Chrome and collecting Chrome Anomalies are one hurdle that’s much simpler than it seems.

How To Destroy Chrome Objects And Collect Chrome Anomalies In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

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As you progress through the new Paradise quests for this season of Fortnite, you’ll make your way through multistaged missions. These range from simple tasks, such as gathering items or interacting with computers, but they will soon develop into more demanding tasks in which you will have to eliminate opponents with Chrome-based weapons. 

After completing numerous stages and awaiting further orders multiple times, you will eventually be tasked with a six-part quest line. This sees you interacting with all the new elements this season of Fortnite has introduced. After tackling missions such as phasing through Chrome buildings and defeating enemies with your Chrome weapon, you’ll eventually be tasked to collect Chrome Anomalies.

Thankfully, it’s an easy task, but perhaps the most ambiguous out of all the new quests in Fortnite. You’re asked to destroy Chrome objects, then collect Chrome Anomalies, and the best way of doing this is by destroying any walls that have been covered in the substance. While there are other objects across the map that may drop Chrome Anomalies, destroying walls is almost guaranteed to drop a piece needed every time. 


There are a few great places to achieve this relatively quickly in Fortnite. Both Lustrous Lagoon and Herald's Sanctum are areas that have been fully consumed by Chrome, meaning most of the buildings in the surrounding area are applicable. If you're finding these areas particularly tricky - considering they're hot spots for opponents to land in - you can also check out Shimmering Shrine and Cloudy Condos for other opportunities.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping this would be the end of the Paradise quest line, there are still some missions to complete. After awaiting further orders again, another multistaged mission will be awaiting you. However, you should have a much smoother ride to the end from here on out.

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