Final Fantasy 16 best gear: Swords, accessories, belts & vambraces

Final Fantasy 16 best gear: Swords, accessories, belts & vambraces
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If you're wanting to take down the toughest bosses in Final Fantasy 16, then making sure that you've got the best gear across your swords, accessories, belts, and vambraces is vital. While Final Fantasy 16 has dampened the RPG aspects that the series is well known for, there are still plenty of items for you to collect in the game that will enhance the power of your character.

Below, we've got all of the details that you'll need if you're looking for the best gear in Final Fantasy 16, including all of the top weapons, armour, and accessories to equip Clive with.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain story spoilers, so be sure to proceed at your own risk to ensure details in the game remain a surprise.

What are the best weapons, armour & accessories in Final Fantasy 16?

Image of the gear screen in Final Fantasy 16 featuring the best weapons, armour, and accessories
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Check out the table below to see our picks for the best gear in Final Fantasy 16, including all of the weapons, armour, and accessories you'll want to take down the toughest foes.

Of course, most of the gear mentioned is only found within the late game, so if you're wanting to stay completely spoiler-free, it might be best to look away.

Gear Type Gear
Sword Gotterdammerung
Belt Ouroboros
Vambrace The Sons of Ouroboros
Accessories The Pull of Darkness, Berserker Ring, High Cleric's Medallion

Best swords in Final Fantasy 16

Image of the Gotterdammerung sword in Final Fantasy 16
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Despite the challenge of obtaining it, the Gotterdammerung is by far the best sword that you can obtain in Final Fantasy 16. It boasts a whopping 375 Attack and 375 Stagger, making it 35 whole points better than the next-highest option.

If you can't quite obtain the materials to craft the sword, however, then opting for the Defender +2 or Ragnarok swords are the next best alternatives, with 340 and 325 attack power respectively.

Best belt & vambrace in Final Fantasy 16

Image of the Ouroboros belt and vambrace in Final Fantasy 16
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There is no better armour set than the Ouroboros collection, with the belt and vambrace both boasting top defence and HP-boosting stats.

The Ouroboros belt offers 95 defence and an extra 32 health, whereas The Sons of Ouroboros vambrace will give you 97 defence and 32 health.

Best accessories in Final Fantasy 16

Image of the Berserker Ring in Final Fantasy 16
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While your accessories can entirely depend on your ability choices in Final Fantasy 16, there are a couple that stands out as the best choices. There are no better general options than the Berserker Ring, which increases attack proficiency with precision dodges, and the High Cleric's Medallion, increasing your healing potency for high potions.

If you're following our guide on the best abilities and ability combinations in Final Fantasy 16, then The Pull of Darkness accessory is an essential option, as it will make those Zantetsuken's 25% easier to pull off.

As a bit of an outside choice, we highly recommend using the Ring of Timely Assistance, even if you're not wanting to necessarily make the game 'easier'. Torgal can be a bit of a pain to manage at points - especially when it comes to the game's most chaotic fights, so having it all done for you is incredibly helpful.

So, that wraps up this guide on the best gear in Final Fantasy 16, giving you plenty of options to equip if you're wanting to become overpowered.

For more FFXVI content, make sure to check out our dedicated Final Fantasy game page for the latest news and guides.

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