How To Follow Nicole's Hologram In Dead Space Remake

How To Follow Nicole's Hologram In Dead Space Remake
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27th Jan 2023 09:04

'Follow Nicole's Hologram' is an optional side quest during the medical wing section of the Dead Space remake. During the main chapter of Dead Space, you'll be tasked with finding the captain of Ishimura, whilst exploring the medical wing you may encounter a hologram of Isaac's girlfriend Nicole performing a medical exam on a crew member. To learn how to find the hologram and where to go from there, read on.

Dead Space: Where Is Nicole's Hologram?

Dead Space Remake: Emergency Wing
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The original hologram message from Nicole is located at the medical tram stop, within the Emergency Room. To get there, follow these steps:

  • From the medical tram stop, move forwards to the Security Station. This is a central room where the other medical wings branch off from. There is also a shop and save station in this central room if you need it.
  • From the Security Station, travel to the main hospital wing (Ishimura Clinic is marked by a white and red hospital icon above the doors). You'll need to follow the main story objectives to get past the blockade.
  • Once you have access, go through to the Emergency Room to the right.
  • There will be a red glowing light, this is a console you'll need to restore power to. To do so, use your Kinesis module on the power module connected to ER Hallway A. move it to the red console space and restore power to the lights.
  • Interact with the patient bed in the centre left side of the room to trigger Nicole's hologram.


Dead Space: Where Does Nicole's Hologram Go?

Dead Space Remake: How To Follow Nicole's Hologram
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Once you've triggered the hologram, Nicole will wander from view and you'll receive a prompt to follow her in the side quests menu. To do so, re-route the power from the circuit breaker to restore power to the shower.

This will prompt a temporary barricade to lift and reveal an emergency shower room to the left of the console. Open the door by using the Kinesis module. Here you can investigate Nicole's storyline further with an audio log and some lockers containing items.

You're free to put the power mode back in its original space and advance through ER Hallway A to the Morgue now.

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