What's Included In The Dead Space Remake Deluxe Edition?

What's Included In The Dead Space Remake Deluxe Edition?
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Kiera Mills


27th Jan 2023 15:20

Are you excited to play the Dead Space remake but not sure which edition to buy? We have you covered. Below we'll detail exactly what you get with the Dead Space deluxe edition so you can decide which version of the game is worth your money.

Dead Space Remake Standard Vs Deluxe Edition

Dead Space Remake: Storage Menu
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The standard edition of the Dead Space remake will set you back £69.99 or $69.99 (you can also buy it at $62.99 if you have EA Play). The standard edition will essentially buy you the base game without any additional DLC content.
The deluxe edition of the Dead Space remake is priced at £79.99 or $79.99 and will get you:

  • The base game
  • Three unique suits
  • Two suit textures.

You can also purchase the deluxe edition for $71.99 if you have EA Play.

Dead Space Remake: Deluxe Edition Suit Textures
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The two additional textures are a bloody version of Isaac's iconic suit and an infested version where Isaac looks like he has been partially turned into a Necromorph.

Dead Space Remake: Deluxe Edition Suits
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The three additional suits are called:

  • Lone Survivor Suit (this suit is adorned with clothing from the original Ishimura crew as well as their limbs forming a grim antler helmet from hands)
  • Venture Suit (this suit has an enhanced led visor and looks more cyberpunk-like. It is described as having the colours of the EDF Corps of Engineers.
  • Sanctified Suit (this adds more armour and runes on the iconic suit and gives it a crusader knights vibe).

You can equip any suits you have access to by entering one of the shops scattered around the Ishimura. When in the shop menu choose the 'Storage' tab and select which suit you would like to equip. This will trigger a cutscene where Isaac gets into the pod and changed outfits. Whichever edition you choose, the only real difference is the cosmetic items listed above.

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