Dead Space Performance vs Quality Mode

Dead Space Performance vs Quality Mode
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27th Jan 2023 00:00

The Dead Space remake has launched across next-gen consoles, bringing with it a host of upgraded graphics and quality-of-life improvements as the game has been made again from the ground up.

As such, the Dead Space remake will offer players a 'performance mode' or 'quality mode' to choose from when starting a new game. To see which option you should choose, read on.

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Should You Choose Performance Or Quality Mode In Dead Space?

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Console players on the Xbox Series X and Series S or PlayStation 5 will be able to choose between performance and quality modes.

Performance mode has the following features:

  • Framerate of 60fps.
  • 2K (QHD).
  • No ray tracing.

Quality mode has the alternative features:

  • Framerate of 30fps.
  • 4K (UHD) resolution.
  • Includes ray tracing.

The choice is essentially between dropping your framerate to get enhanced graphics and resolution. The issue of framerate is, of course, no stranger to gamers with most agreeing that 60 frames per second are the minimum setting for shooter-based games.

This is the rate at which your games receive images and display them. The higher the framerate the 'smoother' your game will feel.

Although technically a horror, Dead Space has plenty of shooter elements to it which is worth considering when making your choice, especially when combined with the movement speed of the Necromorphs.

Alternatively, ray tracing is the ultimate lighting tool which adds a great degree of realism and depth to games. The way that ray tracing renders light mimics real-world lighting and requires a significant amount of GPU power, something that mostly only high-end PCs can handle.

As such, there are few PS5 games that support ray tracing currently. Seeing Dead Space in ultra-realistic gruesome gore may be tempting enough to drop your framerates. Whichever you choose there are pros and cons to both.

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