All Dead Space DualSense Features

All Dead Space DualSense Features
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26th Jan 2023 16:37

The highly anticipated Dead Space remake is embracing next-gen features and taking full advantage of the hardware of the PlayStation 5. For players looking to grab the Dead Space remake on PS5, you can look forward to the following features listed below.

Will The Dead Space Remake Use DualSense Features?

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As confirmed by developers Motive Studio, the Dead Space remake will have the following PlayStation 5 features:

  • Haptic vibrations.
  • Trigger resistance and vibration when firing weapons.
  • Sounds from the controller speaker enhance immersion.
  • Touchpad button.

Essentially, the full capabilities of the dual shock controller will be put to the test with the Dead Space remake. As if crawling through space surrounded by Necromorphs wasn't bad enough, now you'll have vibrations and added sound effects coming from the dual shock controller to add to the immersive horror experience.

The trigger resistance technology is a clever way of making players feel like they need to apply more force to certain interactions. The triggers will offer resistance when shooting certain weapons in the game, making it feel as though they carry a higher burden to fire.

If you dislike the feature and wish for a return to the old-style trigger system, you can adjust this in your settings. To turn off adaptive triggers follow these steps:

  • Go to the control panel in the PS5 (press the home button on the controller)
  • Click on the 'Accessories' tab.
  • Select 'Wireless Controller'
  • Click 'Controller Settings'
  • Select 'Trigger Effect Intensity'
  • In this menu, you can adjust the effect from weak to strong or turn it off completely.

For players without access to a PlayStation 5, don’t despair. The Dead Space remake will also be launching on Xbox Series X and Series S and PC through Microsoft Windows.

  • If you're planning on playing the Dead Space remake on PC, check out the minimum and optimum system requirements here.
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